Right shoulder capsulitis’ treatment.

Shoulder capsulitis looks first to a tendonitis pain when the patient do some efforts, nocturnal) but, over weeks, the shoulder begin to be rigid. With a shoulder capsulitis, the patient have difficulties to raise up or put his hand behind his back. Tecartherapy WINBACK is an efficient therapy against shoulder capsulitis. Jean-Marc Lemarchand, physiotherapist, share his experience of the use to the WINBACK therapy for the capsulitis shoulder:

Right shoulder capsulitis’ treatment.
Actually it is the 15 session. Mister M. had his shoulder very blocked. After some classical session, we are now in a dynamical recuperation work. In the beginning, we start with a relieving capacitive approximatively to 40% during 4 minutes, then we pass to the resistive mode. I put the PAD RET on the arm with the intensity of 20%. Then I ask to the patient to do some movements with a balloon, a stick or a Klein’s balloon… We observe a real amplitude benefit thanks to this session and an important diminution of the pain!

traitement tecarthérapie


Winback offers more amplitude to physiotherapist. Various WINBACK accessories in the thecartherapy offer to the therapists benefits of a perfect mobility whatever is their need: time, pathologies or search for treatment comfort at the highest level. Our product range offers a manoeuvrability, an agility and a precision! With the WINBACK re-education equipment, you offer to your patient, a real quality, efficacy and a comfort. A lot of specialities use the WINBACK tecarterapy every day.

M.Lemarchand Jean-Marc, MASSEUR KINESITHERAPEUTE, will have the pleasure to meet you during his consultations in is cabinet at MIOS, in the Gironde department.

Contact: Jean-Marc Lemarchand- 05 56 26 62 12- 22 av Libération, 33380 MIOS, France

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