Testimonial from Samuel Roces, French Cycling Federation Physiotherapist

WINBACK tecartherapy in elite cycling

The effectiveness of WINBACK therapy meets the needs of many elite athletes. Many medical sports teams use WINBACK equipment daily for the preparation and rehabilitation of their athletes. The WINBACK equipment is particularly attractive to sports physicians because of its ease of handling, efficacy and targeted approach.

Samuel Roces the French Cycling Federation Physiotherapist, gave us his feedback on the use of WINBACK Tecartherapy :

French Cycling Federation’s Samuel Rocès and Dr. Jacky Maillot support the efficacy of WINBACK Tecartherapy in daily use.

Joris Daudet BMX, gold medalist at the European championship in Baku and new French Champion in the world’s top 5  …

Samuel Roces, Cycling French Federation physiotherapist


WINBACK Tecartherapy offers significant benefits in every day use to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Sports Medicine Drs. WINBACK technology allows therapists complete flexibility offering faster patient treatment times.

With WINBACK, Athlete’s benefits from made to measure care from their healthcare professionals.

With specific pretreatment objectives many specialists are using WINBACK Tectherapy on a daily basis.