I discovered the Tecartherapy technique and quickly appreciated the benefits both for patients who quickly feel better than for my ego which is finally satisfied with a technique obtaining results on persistent problems. Note that I am a neighborhood physiotherapist and I can either see a top athlete than an elderly person moving with difficulty as well.
On these two types of patients I always use this technique with great pleasure through the satisfaction of the improvement obtained. I’m not saying this is the solution but it brought me a very big plus in care.
Pierre Blanc, Therapist
As a therapist, I use this therapy everyday and I do not get enough of it, results are there on many diseases encountered in private practice. My patients love it, I’m with them, I listen, I touch. Each treatment is individual. I even get prescriptions from colleagues for Tecartherapy, the benefits are there, it is obvious. I cared pro elite athletes playing national teams and who feared rejection after big injuries.

Today they are doing well and so do their careers. A big thank you to the Winback and the team that makes me love my job a little more each day.

Alexandre Dauguet, Therapist
Winback has significantly changed the way I work every day! For me, it is a tool today that it would be difficult to work without!
It saves huge time for me! In fact, I was able to quickly raise locks which I had with manual therapy!

Winback is very rewarding for the therapist because it significantly increases the treatment speed!
But these are the reactions of patients who are most evocative of Winback performance… When, at the end of the session, they are “forced” to look for the movements and positions that usually trigger their pain!

Johan Quintard, Therapist


Recently my physiotherapist has acquired a new device, the tecartherapy of Winback. We tried at first on the neck. After the first session I immediately felt relief and a sense of lightness. I noticed that immediately when putting my jacket, I usually do not even stand it on my shoulders. A few hours later, relief settled more and I realized that I breathed more freely. After 3 sessions, I had no more inflammation and trapezoids and cervical pain. I regained flexibility that I had even forgotten.
Monsieur H.M., Patient relieved from fybromalgie
After my knee operation, I chose Tecartherapy on the advice of my surgeon to speed my recovery. After 4 days, I started my treatment with a personalized protocol made in partnership with my therapist. His manual labor and the Winback equipment allowed me to get better faster and especially not to feel weak on my knee after rehabilitation.
Christelle, casual sportsperson
I have a profession where I can not stop me and I hang back pain for a long time. Since I am going in a medical office specialized in Tecartherapy where my therapist gives me a global and exclusive treatment, I found the freedom to move without pain. I can finally forget my back in the day and concentrate on my business.
Jean François, Salesman
My life became limited because of my neck pain. Without any a solution, I endured my pain until I find a Tecartherapy medical office. After talking with my doctor, the therapist has treat me. I found sleep and my rehabilitation is working well. This has changed my life!
Sophie, Office worker
We use legs all the time, so you can imagine when you have legs that weigh tons. My doctor prescribed physiotherapy. Without much hope, I thought I was going for another habitual session… But surprisingly, my doctor treated me with a manual massage involving the Winback. The support is really pro and in 3 sessions my burdens are gone. Finally I found the pleasure to move.
Laurence, Housewife
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