This message is to thank you Michael for completely curing me from a persisted intense pain on my right foot (after a fracture), for more than one year, I had such a long-term gloomy horizon I even underwent for infiltrations that worked three weeks even though I still felt some pain (a little less).

My attending physician M. Francis Deghislages recommended you.

The WINBACK device and the tecartherapy feels like magic, I must say that at the beginning I was a bit skeptical but from the second session, immediately I felt an improvement.

The pain disappeared at the end of the fifth session.

With 2 sessions per week, it took two weeks to remove the pain and now everything has returned to normalsometimes I wonder: on which foot did I feel pain ??

If you ever are in pain don’t hesitate to visit the physiotherapist MichaëStassin, he is there to help you get rid of the pain, and it works. 

Denis Bienfait