WINBACK une nouvelle fois sur l’IRONMAN

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L'énergie Winback avec les triathlètes de Vichy Pour sa troisième année consécutive, les étudiants de l’école de kinésithérapie de Vichy (IFMK Vichy) et leur professeur Jean Christophe Nicolas ont choisi l’énergie Winback pour accompagner les triathlètes de l’Iron Man de Vichy. Le dimanche 27 Août, 1500 athlètes traverseront le lac d’Allier, sillonneront les routes [...]

Treating perineal pain with Winback

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More than anything, the therapeutic approach to pelvi-perineal pain is multidisciplinary. However, manual therapy is one of the solutions that the physiotherapist can offer to relieve patients who are suffering from perineal pain. With all its experience and through innovation, Winback offers a TECAR technological complement to the trained therapist’s manual expertise. In fact, the [...]

BIOBACK : A powerhouse Winback available in a tube.

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Winback innovates again in the ​​AMINO cream area, those famous creams crossing the dermal layer to concentrate the active ingredients in the center of muscles and joint tissues. The BIOBACK cream, developed in collaboration with the University of Louvins (Belgium), reproduced the therapeutic virtues of the Winback Energy to restore the movement without pain. The [...]

Pink October – Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH WHAT IS PINK OCTOBER? Pink October is an annual international campaign on breast cancer awareness. The objective of this campaign is to increase awareness and raise funds for research into its causes, preventions, and cures. This campaign provides information and support to those affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month [...]

Update on Cheick Kongo’s visit to the “SOURIRE & PARTAGE” (SMILE & SHARE) association of Nice

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Update on Cheick Kongo’s visit to the “Sourire & Partage” (Smile & Share) association of Nice Cheick Kongo: Our big-hearted champion On September 17, our WINBACK USA ambassador, Cheick Kongo, the famous French heavyweight MMA champion, discreetly visited the “Sourire & Partage” association of Nice. This association aims to give moral and material aid to [...]


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BEAT, THE WINBACK ENERGY TURBO In a world premiere, Winback will present the Beat signal on October 9th at the 2015 REEDUCA exhibition. Beat is a signal combined with Tecar energy, activating nerve fibers in order to provoke basic muscular. This double effect accelerates the removal of tensions (contractures, fibrosis) and stimulates circulation (blood [...]

Meet the Winback team at the Rééduca Trade Fair on October 9th.

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Meet the Winback team at the Rééduca Trade Fair on October 9th Winback will present its latest developments at the Rééduca Trade Fair from October 9th 2015 onward Just like every year, Winback will be attending the Rééduca Trade Fair. The Global Rehabilitation Trade Fair, will open its doors on October 9th, 10th, and 11th [...]

Treatment of the “Windshield Wiper Effect” on the knee with WINBACK

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Treatment of the “Windshield Wiper Effect” on the knee using WINBACK DEFINITION OF THE WINDSHIELD WIPER EFFECT Iliotibial band syndrome, sometimes referred to as the “windshield wiper effect” is a condition that typically afflicts long-distance runners and cyclists. It is a common form of tendinopathy caused by [...]