Track and field champions love Winback

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The tale of two champions and a winback We found both friends Pierre Ambroise Bosse and Jimmy Vicaut behind the scenes of their sports preparation with the Winback energy. The French athletics champions, who know each other since 2011, are followers of Winback technology before and after each training session. The treatment, carried out by Geoffroy [...]

WINBACK works with the Spanish Football Club VILLARREAL in all matches

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WINBACK  WORKS WITH THE SPANISH FOOTBALL CLUB VILLARREAL IN ALL MATCHES VILLARREAL & WINBACK Thanks to the collaboration of our distributor DJO, Winback becomes an exclusive partner for the Villarreal Football Club, with the medical and physiotherapy team. Winback therapy will provide intensive preparation before matches, maintenance of performance during matches and a fast recovery [...]

Winback at the midwife congress in Auxerre

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Winback at the midwife congress in Auxerre On November 23rd and 24th , Winback will be present at the National Congress of the Midwife in Auxerre. Organized by the French famous “midwife profession” magazine, this conference is dedicated to midwives, students and health professionals. Winback Results acclaimed by the profession Last October, the MIDWIFE [...]

WINBACK une nouvelle fois sur l’IRONMAN

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L'énergie Winback avec les triathlètes de Vichy Pour sa troisième année consécutive, les étudiants de l’école de kinésithérapie de Vichy (IFMK Vichy) et leur professeur Jean Christophe Nicolas ont choisi l’énergie Winback pour accompagner les triathlètes de l’Iron Man de Vichy. Le dimanche 27 Août, 1500 athlètes traverseront le lac d’Allier, sillonneront les routes [...]


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From 28 August to 3 September, Budapest in Hungary hosted the World Judo Championships. France’s very first medal in the competition came on 30 August, with Hélène Receveaux winning Bronze in the Under 57 kg category. HELENE RECEVEAUX DECROCHE WINS THE BRONZE Aged 26, Helene is now third in the world, after having already won [...]

Testimony from Dwayne Cowan, British 4x400m relay medalist at the World Athletics Championships in London.

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 A BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE SPRINTER DWAYNE COWAN  In August the XVI World Athletics Championships took place in London organised by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the British Athletics Federation. The British athlete DWAYNE COWAN obtained a bronze medal in the 4 by 400 meter relays. Dwayne Cowan, an ex semi-professional [...]

Testimonial of Giovanna IZZI – right shoulder tendinitis

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Testimonial of Giovanna IZZI - right shoulder tendinitis I have been suffering from tendinitis on my right shoulder for over a year. I had waited 2 months to get an appointment with the rheumatologist, and all he did was prescribe me anti-inflammatories that proved to be of no real benefit. 1 month after that, I had an X-ray and went back to see my [...]


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Winback working with Triathletes in Vichy For the third consecutive year, students from the Vichy Physiotherapy School (IFMK Vichy) and their professor Jean Christophe Nicolas have chosen Winback to support the triathletes of the Iron Man (Vichy, France). On Sunday, August 27th, 1500 athletes will cross the lake of Allier, go through the roads [...]

Carpe and metacarpian bone bruises

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Mélanie De Luca I accompanied my husband who had a work accident (hand taken in a press), he has bruises on his carp and metacapians bones. Today, he is doing his first physiotherapy session after a week of immobilization. It is proposed to him a Tecartherapy Winback treatment. He feels a release of the movement [...]