Former physio, J-M.Lemarchand, talks about the Winback revolution:



The results on capsulitis are immediate:


In the first place, capsulitis could be assimilated to standard bursitis or tendinopathy (in order to identify correctly tendinopathy, check our article), since we find the same type of acute pain during exercise. But as the weeks go by, the shoulder gets more and more rigid. Going through shoulder capsulitis, it is very difficult to raise the arm or even place your hand behind your back. Jean-Marc Lemarchand, physiotherapist, gives us a record of the use he makes of WINBACK tecartherapy in his treatment:

Treatment of right shoulder capsulitis:

We’re performing the 15th meeting today. Mr X’s shoulder was completely blocked.

After some standard sessions, he is now undergoing a dynamic recovery work.

The first step is a relaxing preparation in capacitive mode, at 40% over 4 minutes and then we switch to Resistive mode. Then I dispose the PAD RET on the arm on intensity 20% and ask my patient to make simple movements with a balloon, a stick or a Klein balloon.What we observe is real progress in range of motion thanks to the session and a considerable decrease of painMr. Lemarchand has been equipped with Winback for 4 years now and has obtained instant results on his patients since the first sessions.

“Being of an older generation of physiotherapists (I have been working since 1979), like other colleagues, I have known several periods of revolutionary techniques. In June 2014, following the recommendation of one of my friend, the refererring doctor of Handball’s federation, I met in my office a Winback commercial who gave me a presentation about tecartherapy.

Shortly, I adhered to the technique because I was in tune both intellectually and manually with the device. Winback is not just another machine, but a real manual improvement that complements our daily practice. It goes without saying that the patients of August benefited fully from this therapeutic contribution.

The feedback was excellent”- I feel like you are doing me good” or “I’m already better” are common and spontaneous comments from the first 



Winback’s tecartherapy for a maximum of effectiveness!


Winback offers an astounding and proven effectiveness in case of capsulitis (see our comparative study). To prefer Winback is to gain 8.45% more in flexion and 2 times more on average concerning external rotation!  By providing range of motion and a whole energy to physiotherapists, Winback ensures an accelerated recovery to anyone who benefits it. What Winback accessories provide to therapists is perfect freedom of movement. With WINBACK rehabilitation equipment, you combine quality of treatment, efficiency and comfort for the patient. Many specialists already use tecartherapy on a daily basis, so why wouldn’t you?


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