European Swimming Championships: Winback supports the French Federation!



Winback is an active partner of the French Swimming Federation (FFN) and has done its best to help them during this 34th edition of the European Championships in Glasgow. From 3 to 12 August 2018, the tournament brought together 1,000 participants from 48 different nations in a total of 72 events.

The French team was honored with 8 podiums in pool including 4 gold medals, and four other medals in free water

An opportunity for us to review the achievements of a team we love!


Well-deserved medals!


Medhy Metella left Scotland with 3 medals in his bag, including 2 individual ones in 100m butterfly stroke (silver) and 100m (bronze). A very nice reward after what he considers to be „a horrible year“ for him, following his sprain with bone tearing and ligament injuries to his right ankle.

For her first participation, Fantine Lesaffre thrilled us by winning the gold medal in 400 meters 4 swims, while breaking the French record by 2 seconds (4’34“17)!

But these championships allow especially the enthronement of a new queen of the French swimming: Charlotte Bonnet.
First, she won the 4x100m gold medal alongside her teammates Béryl Gastaldello, Marie Wattel and Margaux Fabre.
She triumphed by winning gold in the 200m freestyle, and won the hour after the bronze medal in the 100m! At 23, this is her first individual international title but certainly not her last!
At the end of the day, she and her partners Jérémy Stravius, Mehdy Metella and Marie Wattel are crowned. With a big lead, they finish first in the 4×100 freestyle mixed relay, ahead of the Dutch and Russians.
The swimmer from Nice is one of the great French champions of the region, and she is following the steps of Laure Manaudou and the late Camille Muffat.

Free-water is a disappointment for Marc-Antoine Olivier, the world champion, in 5 and 10km. But Axel Reymond and Logan Fontaine still won a beautiful bronze and silver medal in 5km! Concerning women, Lara Grangeon won a bronze medal for the 25 km, a great performance! In mixed (4x1250m), the French team also won bronze.


Winback in the same bath as the athletes!


Invested in many other French federations, such as Judo, Football, Basketball, Cycling and Ski, Winback is proud to participate on his own scale in the success of French athletes. Whether amateur or professional, the risks of injury for an athlete are numerous, that is why we attend more than 115 sports teams and every day we are proud to be behind you in case of problems, but also and above all to see you shine.

We will always strive to give the best of ourselves in treatment so that you can continue to provide us with high-performance!

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