Test demonstrates Myback bracers innocuousness

The test below shows that Myback bracers are completely safe to use for therapists.

Results after 10 minutes of use

The practitioner worked on the patient’s forearm during 10 minutes. Winback’s RET+ bracer had been placed halfway down the therapist’s forearm. The temperature had been measured every minute.

Myback bracers
Myback bracers

At the beginning of our test, the therapist’s and patient’s forearms were both at an initial temperature of about 31°C. However, we noticed that the temperature rose much more quickly on the patient’s forearm and exceeded 40°C after 5 minutes.

By contrast, the therapist’s forearm remained at a steady temperature of about 38°C and never exceeded it. Moreover, right away after having washed his hands with cold tap water, the temperature experienced an instant 10-degree drop to fall back to 26°C.

All of this demonstrates the innocuousness of the use of Myback RET+ bracers for therapists, leaving them free to treat another patient right after.

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