From 28 August to 3 September, Budapest in Hungary hosted the World Judo Championships. France’s very first medal in the competition came on 30 August, with Hélène Receveaux winning Bronze in the Under 57 kg category.


Aged 26, Helene is now third in the world, after having already won bronze at the European Championships in Warsaw last April.

Helene Receveaux of France bronze medal in -57kg during the Judo World Championship on August 30th 2017 in Budapest Photo : Djorovic / Icon Sport


The French women’s judo team is treated with WINBACK tecartherapy. Their physiotherapist, Stephane Imbault, really appreciates how effective Winback technology is in the treatment of injuries. By speeding up the rehab of many athletes, WINBACK allows top athletes to get back quickly back into winning form. Ligaments and tendons are quickly treated and the muscle tone restored.

Stephane accompanied the French women’s judo team to prepare them for the fights in this competition. He agreed to answer our questions …:

Can you describe your career in a few words, and how you became the official physiotherapist for the French judo team?

SI: „I have been doing judo since I was 6 years old, and I still compete.
Over the years I suffered several injuries and had to work on my rehab. It was my experience of being treated that showed me very quickly that physiotherapy was the profession for me.
During my studies, I did an internship with the French judo team while they were preparing for World Judo Championships in Paris in 1997.
The knowledge I had built up while being active in judo myself were very useful in this role, and they asked me to work with the French minors in 2002, then the juniors in 2003-2004, and finally with the French women’s team. This year will be my 4th Olympic Games with the women „

What appeals to you most in using Winback tecartherapy? 
SI: „It’s an innovative technology that, in particular, speeds up the recovery of our judokas from injury and gets them quickly back to competition. We often use it new injuries, especially ligaments and muscles.“

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