Winback changed these patients’ lives!

Used by the greatest practitioners in the world, Winback’s tecartherapy technology enables to obtain outstanding and quick results.

This revolutionary technology, which uses the high-frequency current TECAR, enables in record time to alleviate pain, eliminate tensions, find back great freedom of motion or speed up recovery after exercise or injury. The Winback energy strengthens the practitioner’s manual therapy and can be used with many different techniques.

However, the benefits of Winback tecar therapy would be nothing without the unique expertise of our practitioners. Winback tecartherapy technology is used by more than 3 200 professionals all over the world.

Driven by a willingness to achieve excellence, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports physiotherapists, midwives, gynecologists and beauticians using our technology are renowned for their know-how and are among the most sought-after practitioners.

They changed these 4 patients’ lives! Read their testimonials below.

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After 3 sessions, pain faded away.

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Valérie B., patient of Caroline Rannou, physiotherapist in Brindas (France)
“When I was 14 year-old, I underwent two big surgeries in a row. It was an emergency situation. As a result, I had scars with strong harshnesses, very noticeable and painful. This therapy enabled me within 5 sessions not only to make scars supple but also to alleviate my lower abdomen pain. Today, I feel much better both in my own clothes and in my own mind since I always had the weight of those scars rooted in my head as well as everything it meant in terms of pain. I started Winback tecar therapy around a month ago and the effects have been immediate. First of all, on a visual standpoint but also when it comes to feeling then secondly, after 3 sessions, I started feeling deep effects and pain faded away. Today, whether it is in regard to pain or harshnesses, things have been well resorbed.”

Jérémy T., patient of Sophie Paris, physiotherapist in Bordeaux (France)
“I discovered Winback tecartherapy further to muscle traumas in January 2016 with hamstring injury. This process has been implemented on me during 3 sessions and enabled me to recover very quickly. In 2017, I came back to my physical therapist’s office for calf trauma, a muscle torn on May 1st, so I attended 5 Winback sessions. Three months after that, I manage to jump and run, so it’s rather positive. The electrical impulsion transmitted by Winback irradiated the whole painful limb and one leaves a Winback session completely relaxed and with the feeling not to be suffering from any kind of trauma anymore. This is quite astonishing! We really feel that we can rely on a therapy which speeds up muscle regeneration and fixes everything that’s been broken. And a lot of things have been broken during the last two years! Each time, results have been beyond my expectations with a quite unbelievable recovery and muscle mobilization time.”

técarthérapie winback
Source: Winback

I feel as if I were not suffering from any kind of trauma anymore.

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técarthérapie winback
Source: Winback

Before going to my physiotherapist, I experienced enormous amounts of pain everywhere. Now it’s all gone.

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Dominique, patient of Cécile Rognoni, physiotherapist in Tourves (France). She underwent a post-breast cancer treatment.
“What is useful about that device is that everything is hand work. Massages and all that stuff are good but not as deep whereas with that device, it’s great. Everyday, she massages my arm, she applies some cold cream on me and all that. That is beneficial. I can raise my arm as I want, I do this just like everyone else. Before going to my physical therapist, I experienced enormous amounts of pain in my arms, in my shoulders, everywhere. Now I’m good, it’s all gone. At least, I’ve been lucky. Now I almost don’t think about it anymore. When I think about efforts that have been made in the last four months, I don’t feel quite as much pain as before so I think about something else, I think more about the future. Because when something like that happens to you, first lung then breast within only 6 months, you haven’t heard about all that so you withdraw within yourself. But here, you cannot withdraw within yourself because they look after us so much, they are so kind so we don’t need to do that. I do a lot of sport to try to reshape my body because it has been significantly damaged. And since there is a good atmosphere, it helps a lot morally. Also, as there are many patients, we realize it’s not only us, so it’s ideal! It’s been 4 months that I’ve been coming here and I feel very very good now.”

Julian Poliart, patient of Michaël Stassin, physiotherapist in Frameries (Belgium)
“5 months ago, I fell 3 meters, resulting in a left tibial pilon fracture. When rehabilitation started, my foot was very numb after 2 months of immobilization and the placing of osteosynthesis material. Fortunately, I could benefit from tecar therapy to recover all of my foot’s movements without pain. If there was visible progress regarding my foot rehabilitation, another sequela of my fall arose increasingly: a right-shoulder pain which extended up to the arm. To relieve this pain, my physical therapist suggested me to try Winback tecartherapy. During this session, I immediately experienced a relief and a lightness in this arm, thanks to my physical therapist’s massage but also thanks to the TECAR high-frequency currents. Within only one session, pain went from 7 to 4 out of 10 but most of all, I got a better range of motion.”

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Source: Michaël Stassin (Facebook)

Within only one session, pain went from 7 to 4 out of 10.

These patients were treated with Winback. Why not you?

You too, benefit with Winback from the best technology available when it comes to tecartherapy by choosing a practitioner among our 3 200 equipped offices and facilities all over the world to carry out your rehabilitation! To make an appointment with your nearest Winback practitioner, feel free to have a look at our brand new map of Winback-equipped centers, quicker, more complete and thorough.

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