Recovery after exercise: Winback / Winshock complementarity

To help sportsmen and top athletes recover after exercise or injury, practitioners can either carry out a recovery massage or resort to hands free recovery, according to their will and available time. Regardless of the chosen technique, they may interchangeably use either Winback or Winshock to meet the following objectives:

  • Efficiently relaxing muscles severely tested by intense physical effort
  • Bringing comfort
  • Speeding up recovery and keeping time off-the-field to a minimum
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Minimizing the occurrence of injuries, aches and pain during training

Having both Winback and Winshock technologies at hand in your office provides you with several benefits.

First of all, for practitioners already in the possession of a Back 1S or Back 3SE device, acquiring the Winshock machine is actually an excellent alternative to buying a second machine within the Winback range. Indeed, when it comes to treating athletes, both devices have a similar action and require the same treatment time.

Furthermore, having the Winshock device within reach will be of great use if you wish to save time, treat more patients simultaneously and never become overwhelmed. Thus, while you carry out a massage on one of your patients with one of the Winback machines, you remain totally free to simultaneously treat another patient in hands free mode using the Winshock device. Or conversely. This complementarity is all the more ideal for sport physiotherapists who have to deal with entire teams.

Discover below our different protocols.

Using Winback

Recovery massage 3.0

recovery after exercise

Recovery massage 5.0

recovery after exercise


– Avoid working with full hands: preferably use hand’s heel (ulnar edge).
– Adjust intensity if too hot.
– To avoid any overheating, we advise you not to use the double-wristband on too many patients one after the other.

Hands free mode 5.0

Using Winshock

Recovery massage

recovery after exercise

Hands free mode

recovery after exercise