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The functional use of Winback’s tecartherapy


Choosing tecartherapy, you immediately get the guarantee of a wide variety of use which will fit in your daily use as a healthcare professional. We received the testimonial of one of our 3.200 equipped specialists that enlightens the advantages that our device presents.

Winback’s MyPractice trainings allow as much physiotherapists as osteopaths to earn new abilities in various therapeutic fields. Winback’s credo: innovation, either in rehab, health, sport, physiotherapy or beauty. This training brings out modern protocols and opens up new perspectives for healthcare professionals by directly questioning the practice they have.


Focus on our different formations:


  • The offer MyStart: Our commercial will directly come to see you, in your office to give you our tecartherapy technology’s basics, to acquaint yourself at best with your new device.
  • MyPractice’s pedagogy: We offer you to join our physiotherapists for an entire practical day on a defined field of expertise in order to get every key you need.
  • MyExpert’s completion: To get better in a speciality, that’s the best. Introduced by our experts, those trainings as complete as extensive allow you to reach an unequalled level.

You’re a healthcare professional and wish to register? Check our trainings!

Serge Boissonnet is a physiotherapist and osteopath in Aubagne (France) who took the assistant TECAR 2.0 on following his training day in Winback Academy. Allowing him to put two fixed electrodes on the patient, one serving as return plate, he is able to diffuse a homogenous and non-invasive energy. Winback allows to remove each tightness and to optimize treatments. Though experienced, Mr Boisonnnet was impressed by our technology, especially its vascular and antalgic effects.

“Following a biomechanic analysis, the installation of Resistive FixPads grants an optimal chained stimulation of the lower part! Combined with an adapted move on an oscillating platform, that is well-known in the physiotherapy universe.”

Allowing you to fully use your machine’s potential, our trainings sessions make it a partner in your daily practice. The device grants a comfort of using for the healthcare professional and the patient, added to an accelerated recovery. Choosing Winback is the certainty of a satisfied and wide customer base, treated in the best way.

Mister BOISSONNET will be delighted to greet you for an appointment in his consulting office named Accord de Corps in Aubagne.


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