Adhesive Capsulitis or frozen shoulder: how to treat it with Winback Tecartherapy


Adhesive Capsulitis is an affliction which affects the shoulder, with a tightening and thickening of the lower and front part of its joint capsule. Capsulitis manifests itself as an increasingly painful stiffness restricting movement and developing into complete loss of mobility.

Frequent after the age of 40, a frozen shoulder often sets in from the outset but can also be consequential to a trauma (a bruise, a fracture, a dislocation), all the more so if followed by lengthy immobalization. It can also manifest itself after a tendinitis of the supraspinous muscle, a heart attack, a lung condition, a neurological complaint affecting the damaged shoulder, painful neck syndromes, diabetes… Spontaneous healing occurs within 12 to 24 months. The arthrographic image shows a characteristic overall reduction of the limits of the radiopaque substance, typical of the thickening and tension of the capsule. The treatment of this condition ranges from taking non-steroïd anti-inflammatory drugs, to steroid injections into the joint capsule to help reduce pain and inflammation, physiotherapy and range-of-motion exercices.

What Winback’s Tecartherapy can offer

This pathology can be divided into 3 stages. For each of these stages, Winback offers a reliable solution to back up the physiotherapy sessions.

  • The freezing or painful stage (3 to 8 months long) : during this first stage, any movement of the shoulder causes pain and is limited due to the inflammation.  Thanks to its analgesic aspect, making use of Winback Tecartherapy at this stage is beneficial as it allows the pain to be dealt with. Winshock offers also an excellent alternative (via the use of the cold treatment using the Push In mode) as it gives the opportunity to limit the inflammation while remaining hands free.
  • The frozen or adhesive stage (3 to 8 months long) : in fact, nothing much happens during this second stage as far as the pathology is concerned.  The Winback equipment here is valuable to help maintain the range of motion in the shoulder. Mode 3.0 is recommended to maintain the shoulder joint mobile. As for Winshock, it proves to be efficient in cases where the inflammation becomes chronical. Dispensing a treatment alternating hot and cold while associating the Push back Mode provides appropriate draining properties.
  • Thawing or recovery stage (1 to 3 months long) : eventually, with time, the joint capsule loosens and the patient slowly regains his/her mobility.  During the course of this last stage, Winback energy makes it possible to save time to recover one’s range of motion (study). Moreover, Winshock can also be used at the end of a session in order to prevent the inflammation which the exercices undertaken earlier could have generated .

The added bonus provided by the latest Winback accessories in the treament of adhesive capsulitis with tecartherapy

The energy supplied by Winback tecartherapy can, particularlly thanks to the benefits provided by its latest accessories Tecar 6 and Fascia Skills, efficiently fight frozen shoulder.

The Winback equipment can be used to break up adhesions, loosen fascias and muscle tensions, contribute to the revascularisation of the joint capsule as well as make recovery of the shoulder mobility easier.

Tecar 6 is used for the first phase of the treatment. With this accessory, the emphasis is on the trigger points, focusing on the deltoïd V points, the supraspinatous and infraspinatous muscles, the teres minor muscle and biceps tendon (RET+BEAT mode).

Next, FACIA SKILLS accessory set on RET mode is applied, working on the trapezium muscle, the deltoïd and latissimus dorsi to break up any adherences.

Finally, with mode 3.0, focus is concentrated on the articulation applying the two mobile electrodes around the joint, on RET mode, to regain mobility.

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