Adhesive capsulitis with or without Winback treatment

This study at present includes 11 patients suffering from adhesive capsulitis. We compared the increased flexion and external rotation and the level of pain with and without Winback treatment.

The practitioners were free to use any technique they wanted, with the only condition that they did one session with and one without Winback.


Over 11 patients, we saw that 10 patients had greater improvement with Winback than without Winback, with an average gain of 24,7% compared with 16.3% in terms of flexion, an average difference of 8.45% in Winback’s favour.

Flexion benefits:


External rotation was studied in 5 patients. For external rotation, the average improvement with Winback was 47.2% compared with only 23.8% without Winback, making a difference of 23.4%.

Pain relief benefits:


With the help of Winback, we saw an average decrease of 1.7 points on the EVA scale compared with only 0.6 points without Winback.

The results are very positive as all patients saw a benefit in terms of increased movement and pain reduction.

Gain in external rotation 2X greater with Winback
With Winback : +42%
Without Winback : +23,8%