To finally be done with algoneurodystrophy of the ankle:



Algoneurodystrophy, a crippling pathology :


Also known as Regional Pain Syndrome Complex (SDRC), algoneurodystrophy is an articular phenomenon that may have many different roots. It’s considered idiopathic as we can’t point out precisely any cause.

In 50% of cases, trauma might be the cause; the condition appears at the time of the injury or a few days later. In other cases, the source may be vascular (phlebitis), metabolic (diabetes, hyperthyroidism) or due to medication. Some researchers hypothesize that stress is an aggravating factor in this pathology.

The exact origin of this phenomenon, in which the nervous system is hyper-reacting, is not known. This dysfunction causes the blood vessels to dilate, and then an edema appears on the ankle that is now red, swollen and extremely painful. The patient feels an aching pain that increases at night, sign of an inflammatory pathology. He also experience tingling, burning and cramps sometimes. This is called the hot phase.

Then, the inflammatory signs decrease, we enter the cold phase. The pain becomes more diffuse as the swelling decreases and the redness and heat disappears.

The suffering caused by this pathology is particularly tremendous; it often takes between 6 to 12 months for it to be cured. Unfortunately, for one-tenth of those affected, it persists for several years, leaving permanent and often disabling sequelae.


Treating algoneurodystrophy with Winback :


The earliest management possible is imperative and the precocious use of a physiotherapist, whose gentle and painless mobilization is a determining factor in recovery. The massages and movements performed will greatly relieve the patient and allow him to regain a lost range of motion. To put all the chances on your side, choose a practitioner equipped with Winback.

The reasons for choosing Winback are plenty and logical. First, the improvement of lymphatic drainage and revascularization 6 times faster will reduce edema and dilatation of the limb. Then, the immediate analgesic effect will minimize the use of medication that can be burdensome and exhausting for the patient and will ease to regain range of motion. The positive and biological effects of Winback radio frequency technology allow 2 sessions per week in the hot phase and 3 in the cold phase to treat capsulo-ligamentary retractions (see our article on retractile capsulitis) and to fight against joint stiffening.

In a similar condition such as retractile shoulder capsulitis, Winback has shown it to be more effective with 8.45% greater flexural benefit and a rotation gain twice superior as treatment without equipment.

If you suffer from it yourself, Winback also recommends that you use Scottish baths that alternate between hot and cold exposure in the affected area.