It’s the beginning of the year, the time for good resolutions! Do you want to get rid of the excesses accumulated during the festive season, lose weight or simply adopt a better lifestyle? Our body has the capacity to help us keep these resolutions, but a little help from Winback will be welcome to optimize them.

Do you know the power of emunctories?

Our body is able to detoxify itself thanks to its emunctories. However, overloading them during the festivities, winter fatigue or taking medication can cause them to slow down. These emunctories are the organs capable of eliminating waste products from our body. There are five of them: liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin.

The liver is the most important emunctory. In addition to its role of filtration and elimination of waste, like other emunctories, it is able when it functions well to neutralize toxic substances. The kidneys eliminate waste by filtering the blood and diluting it in the urine. Their proper functioning will ensure a sufficient quantity of urine and a limited concentration of waste products in the blood.


The intestines are, by their size, a large area of potential self-intoxication, and any stagnation increases this risk. The risk of constipation must therefore be reduced. The skin is an outlet for waste products thanks to sweat and sebum. Finally, the lungs mainly reject gaseous waste, but sometimes solid waste in case of overeating or pollution; they also play a role in the regulation of the acid-base metabolism.

How to improve the action of emunctories with Winback?

If the organ is better vascularized, then its function will be optimized. It will therefore be necessary to act on the artery vascularizing the organ, in DEEPCET or RET depending on the depth of the artery. With the RET bracelets, a manual approach to each organ will allow its pumping. More precisely, the pumping of the liver will be carried out by placing one hand on either side of the right hemi-thorax. The transmission of energy by each RET bracelet will optimize the elimination of waste. Pumping work in relation to the celiac plexus, in DEEPCET and strong diathermy, will have a neurovegetative action and will improve the vascularization of the diaphragm, the liver, the small intestine and the kidneys.


To boost the action of the intestines, we will act against constipation. The protocol consists of improving the trophicity of the ileo-caecal valve and colic angles in DEEPCET, then working on peristalsis with the RET bracelets. As for the skin, the extended and wide massage in CET and gentle diathermy stimulates microcirculation, increasing perspiration and therefore the elimination of waste.

This detox protocol is the starting point for getting your body back in control. By combining it with good hydration and the resumption of physical activity, your body will have the keys to a healthy lifestyle, essential for boosting immunity.