Your skin is regenerating and revitalizing with WINBACK Beauty

Winback Beauty is the new program dedicated to thinning down with revolutionary treatments for women who wish to regain their body. Winback BEAUTY has developed specific treatments performed by experts in massage and physiotherapy. The winback technology include the reactivation of fibrobast (resident cells of the dermis which ensure consistency and flexibility) and micro capillary recruitment … Winback Beauty localized application is used with a light body massage / facial TECAR by 4.0 to reach all layers of skin !

A technology adapted to beauty and care centers

With its intuitive and secure hands , the winback technology opens up unparalleled insights into the world of beauty … The Palmer beauty Centre in Entressen Provence gives us his opinion about the winback Beauty:

No scalpel, no paralyzing or invasive injection, no moisturizer ! Just the natural cell activation. This is what we offer. With the “booster” effect of winback adapted to face, freed of fatigue your skin regenerates and revitalizes. The skin is colored and tones. Ended dull complexion and dark circles under the eyes ! Stop eyes falling ! With our facial programs, already practiced in Japan, Italy, Spain and some French beauty centers among the most luxurious, you can attenuate the effects of time and gravity. Remodel the oval of your face and delete your wrinkles with a natural method, without any risk for your health.

You are a beauty center and want to offer our technology to your customers ? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information to or by phone at +33 (0)4 93 088 581.

Frédéric Palmer, Physiotherapist, explains :

“Using radio-frequency from several years I realize every day the interests of this technology, but I must say that, since using the 3E win back, my sessions have radically changed. The comfort felt by my patients and myself allow me to develop new treatments and to get involved in areas more and more varied. The ease with which I can identify my actions is stirring . To summarize, I would say that Win back 3E gave new life to my sessions they are therapeutic or aesthetic…”


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