Curing pubalgia with Winback tecartherapy

What is pubalgia ?

Pubalgia is a painful syndrome of the groin area caused by 3 separate or associated anatomopathologic entities :

  • Tendinitis of the abductor muscles
  • The pubic arthropathy (with an analgesic gait brought on by walking up or down staircases)
  • A pathology of the merging point of the anterolateral abdominal muscles ( particularly the rectus abdominis ) and the groin muscles (thigh adductor muscles (particularly the adductor longus/brevis and magnus) resulting from the imbalance between the adductor muscles and abdominal muscles at the pubis.

Consequently, pubalgia is a complex pathology to diagnose and treat. Of course, the ideal solution is to visit a specialist who will able to identify the origin of the pain and offer an adequate treatment.

This pathology mainly affects athletes and some sports in particular have a tendency to bring on its manifestation Among them, football is probably the best-known to generate pubalgia due to repetitive energetic kicking, twisting, turning or cutting movements. On the whole, it occurs frequently in sports that involve quick repetitive changes of orientation, and/ or forced stance on one foot (tennis, hockey, jumping, hurdles, fencing…).

Treatment consists in resting, taking anti-inflammatories, rehabilitation with physical therapy and physiotherapy Surgery is rarely necessary even if professional athletes tend to resort to it in order to reduce their downtime.

The input of Winback tecartherapy in the treatment of pubalgia

The Winback tecartherapy energy can be used to reduce tension in the abductor muscles, the thigh and abdominal muscles. For that purpose, a massage of the abductor muscles (CET mode – accessory 1.0) can be undertaken, before placing an electrode on the inguinal insertion and the other one to massage the abductors concentrating on the distal insertion (RET mode – 3.0). The wristbands (RET mode) can then be used to free tensions in the groin and abdominal inguinal insertion.

The next step consists in working on the eccentric re-enforcement of the abductors through several exercices to correct the imbalance of the hip and pelvic muscle stabilizers An adhesive electrode is placed on the left and right abductors, and the return plate on the abdominal muscles (double RET – 5.0). The patient carries out a series of eccentric movements of the abductors.

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