A new year begins. First resolution: cleanse the body and help it restore its balance after overindulging at the end of the year! Winback helps the body eliminate fat and toxins accumulated during the holidays and brings back strength, vigour, and well-being.

Detox after the holidays

During the holidays, overly rich meals and too much alcohol have clogged up the body and put a strain on the detoxification organs, called the emunctories: liver, kidneys, skin, intestines, and lungs. The outcome is overwhelming: tiredness, dull complexion, cellulite, digestive disorders, etc. In other words, it is important to help the body get rid of this build-up of waste. First of all, avoid fatty foods, red meat, coffee, etc. Follow a diet based on fruit, vegetables, and whole grains and remember to stay well hydrated!

Help flush out toxins with Winback

A healthy way of life isn’t enough to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the holidays. Loaded with all this waste, the lymph stops circulating properly and no longer fulfils its cleansing role.

A massage focused on specific areas and using Winback improves lymph flow and thereby eliminates waste. Placed on the coeliac plexus, Winback energy helps fight neurovegetative disorders and improves vascularisation of the diaphragm, liver, small intestine, and kidneys. Winback therefore helps drain and clean the emunctories, thereby allowing them to regenerate.

Get rid of cellulite

After applying Winback, massage the areas affected by cellulite to treat fibroids, restructure the skin, and significantly stimulate blood supply. Lymphatic drainage massage techniques help reduce inflammation and relieve congestion in these areas.

Glowing skin thanks to Winback

Local treatment using Winback stimulates cellular exchange and encourages an increase in blood circulation. By promoting collagen production, facial contours are firmed and skin regains its glow.

Physical exercise

To speed up the elimination of toxins, it is strongly recommended to do physical exercise. Pilates combined with Winback energy will increase oxygen supply, ensure a better recovery, and optimise muscle performance.