Fight against fibrous cellulitis with Winback

Fibrous cellulitis: what does it corresponds to?

Cellulitis is a natural physiological phenomenon during which fat cells accumulated in the hypodermis deform it.

A brief reminder of the storage of fat masses:
The fat cells (adipocytes) are located in lobules, themselves separated by thin fibrous partitions and irrigated by numerous blood capillaries. To function, our body must store fat in this adipose tissue through the process of lipogenesis (fat storage). Lipogenesis follows two distinct processes:

Adipocyte hypertrophy: when fat cells get bigger
Hyperplasia: when these will multiply.

Then lypolysis (fat destocking) converts them into energy either by destroying them or by emptying them (but they remain). The phenomenon of cellulitis results from an imbalance between these two phases of fat process. An inflammation appears and in some cases there is fibrosis.
Fat cells multiply and inflate, compressing the vessels and preventing toxins from being eliminated. The collagen fibers surrounding the fat cells harden, trapping fat cells. The skin has dimples and an “orange peel” appearance: it is no longer smooth.
Cellulitis has different effect according to the sex of the person: the lower limbs are affected for women, it’s the opposite for men. The percentage is also extremely different since 95% of the victims are women.
The reason comes from hormones that organize fat distribution in the body differently. Periods in a woman’s life when her hormone levels are disrupted, such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause, are frequent causes of her onset. The caloric intake required is also not the same whether you are a man or a woman.
Fibrous cellulitis is often linked to lack of physical activity, especially for women with a sedentary lifestyle. It has a hereditary component but is not a genetic disease.

We give you the keys to get rid of them!

What you eat has a direct impact on your cellulitis. First reflex to adopt: monitor the glycemic index of foods on your plate. The quality of your food is very important. You need to eat foods that your body can easily incorporate into your metabolism. Instead of saturated fats or trans fatty acids, which are difficult for the body to use, prefer raw fats or polyunsaturated fats.
Favour fruits and vegetables, they allow you not to ingest too much sugar, and are satiating.
Playing sports is an essential point in the fight against cellulitis. Choose a sports activity that stimulates leg circulation and reactivates muscle tone.
Many women pay attention to their diet and who practice sports notice that they lose cheeks, chest… but no fat in the targeted area. That’s why lipomassage by a health expert is important!

Winback lipomassage, a visible solution!.

Our Winback equipment is very useful in these beauty treatments. Revascularization and lymphatic drainage show impressive results on all types of cellulitis. Thanks to the gestures of our expert practitioners, the tone returns and fat is eliminated. The treatment can be done by a physiotherapist or with one of our beauty educators (find the interview of Patricia Brizon, one of her !

We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions of one to two per week, if you want visible results, it should be double.