Episode 2 of the Winback Woman webinar series focused on the benefits of Winback tecartherapy on the physiological evolution of scars, as well as the treatment of pathological scars. If you weren’t able to watch, this article provides a summary of what was covered.

Using Winback to treat pathological scars

Pathological scars result from problems during the initial vascular and inflammatory phases of healing, during which debridement takes place. During the debridement process, a range of necrotic debris is evacuated, from polynuclear cells that have completed their tasks to fibrin remnants.

The different types of pathological scars are :

  • Fibrotic scars that result from poor elimination of necrotic debris
  • Adhesion scars linked to poor elimination of fibrin remnants, which lead to restricted movement between different underlying planes
  • Retractile scars in which myofibroblasts have persisted beyond the first 21 days, maintaining their contractile power
  • Hypertrophic scars with an increased proliferation of scar tissue at the scar site
  • Keloids, which are associated with a proliferation of scar tissue beyond the scar site. In this case, the overreaction of fibroblasts is a contraindication for Winback treatment

Retractile and hypertrophic scars respond to athermic treatment and hypoxia of myofibroblasts achieved using the RET bracelets.

Using the Fascia Skills tool and suction cups to treat fibrotic scars and adhesions

The Fascia Skills tool

The Fascia Skills tool, connected to Winback energy, optimizes the mobilization of the myoapneurotic structures and the reorganization of collagen tissue. The two edges of the tool offer different angles of attack, enabling the underlying tissue planes to be treated in both superficial and deeper ways.

Suction cups in set-up 2.0

The vacuum created by the suction cups acts on the superficial capillaries, leading to revascularization and a positive effect on the adjacent tissue planes. Additionally, the cups modify the resistance of the tissue, concentrating the Winback energy if a RET 2.0 set-up has been created either side.

The Fascia Skills tool combined with suction cups in set-up 2.0 enables the vascular phase to be restarted, leading to the elimination of necrotic debris and fibrin remnants. As a result the debridement stage is improved, leading to an improved physiological evolution of the healing process.