Lymphatic drainage is a technique that stimulates the circulatory system to improve the removal of waste materials and toxins from the body. Often associated with aesthetic techniques, notably to treat water retention and cellulite, it is equally effective as a means of relieving heavy limbs or treating lymphatic disorders. The process, which is carried out by a physiotherapist, activates the lymphatic vessels by means of massage. This consists of gentle, circular movements involving the fingers and the palms of the hands following the direction of the lymphatic circulation.

Manual lymph drainage can form part of a compression therapy treatment session.

The advantage of active compression therapy

A technological advance that combines massage and manual lymph drainage, active compression therapy improves the circulatory system through compression and decompression. The technology complements manual drainage, helping to reduce symptoms and facilitating venous return.

GMOVE-SUIT is an active compression device that replicates the pressure applied during manual lymph drainage carried out by a physiotherapist. An alternating cycle of compression and decompression stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, resulting in the resorption of excess fluid (for example water retention associated with edema). Unlike traditional compression therapy equipment, the GMOVE-SUIT can be used while moving, thanks to the design of its compression sleeves which leave the joints free. The range of preset programs provide options for numerous applications. Combined with physiotherapy sessions, the GMOVE-SUIT accelerates venous return. The GMOVE-SUIT can be used on the couch like other pressure therapy devices, although the option to also use it while walking offers superior results. That’s because the muscular contractions reinforce the pumping effect achieved by the suit.

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