Interview Windsurf World Champion Charline Picon

Charline is a graduate physiotherapist who has combined vocational training and elite competition. With 31 years, Charline is preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, with the discipline RS: X. She plans to achieve a place on the podium of the Olympic Games in 2016. She is actively preparing the target. In her biography, Charline was double European Champion in 2013 – 2014 and World Champion in 2014.

Charline Pico

WINBACK is a partner of Charline Picon for the preparation for Rio 2016, like his colleagues “Winbackers” she is a physiotherapist as any. At 31, Charline arouses passions  and supports around her, where her most fervent partner is a Winbacker established in Rochelle.

Charline uses the benefits of Winback energy to prepare her trial in August … Charline Picon career is back and her preparation for the competition.

“Actually you are preparing yourself for one of the most prestigious sporting events. What state of mind are you ?
This time unlike London I’m one of the “favorites”, so I think I have the tools to do something positive, but in sports you never know what can happen, so I’ll do my best without complaints, if I sail well, the result will come… so I will alternate between excitement and apprehension…

Since when you have been practicing Windsurf? And how long have you been in elite sport?

I started with 11 years and joined the French team in 2005/2006 … Previously I’d been in the “Espoir” group.

What are the qualities needed to practice this sport?

In the Olympic board it is required physical, tactical and technical attributes as well as ability to work on equipment to optimize.

It requires various physical qualities for maneuvering a sail of 8.5 m2 in any wind (5 to 35 knots).

If there is no wind it is not necessary the technique but having a good pumping capacity of the heart rate with an average of 180 to 30 minutes (1 turn) and repeat 3 times 5 3 race per day). When there is a little wind we accelerated intermittently the heart rate with lactic efforts. And when there is really wind there is more muscular effort and a higher heart rate.

The tactic is a parameter that comes with experience because no situation is exactly the same… we must adapt, have a good performance at the right time according to changing wind, cloud, currents and competitors …

The technique varies depending on wind gusts, there are several types of pumping capacity, for example, soft if we want to accelerate, prance …

And then comes the whole question of the material (the size of the sail with the plate of the same model, same brand), there are always variations of rigidity that allows everyone to find the right material to their size… but is needed  a great knowledge of the material and try it well …

Have you changed your habits? Have you had a specific preparation for the Olympics?

Especially not, I haven’t changed anything, I haven’t trained more for this year games, I have a great experience that demonstrates how to progress … we remain on what works … in what we can change and adjust small details… we can be a little more rigorous in nutrition, gain some weight but nothing completely different…

As a physiotherapist, unlike an “classical” athlete, allows you to analyze better your performance?

I have leave physiotherapy a little aside to be 100% in the preparation of the Olympic Games… But it’s true that thanks to my physiotherapists friends, they made me keep one foot in and I like that they explain me things, I come back to my profession. In any case knowledge is in my head… sometimes I only have to rummage😉

Your partner is also a physiotherapist? Is an added value to you?

Yes it is.

How do you use the Winback tecartherapy as part of your preparation and recovery?

My boyfriend uses it to remove contractures, and manual therapy if he wants to unlock a vertebra, with CET he works a little the muscles and then RET while mobilizes…

What are the benefits?

The heat effect is pleasant and really helps remove contractures, so far I haven’t had to use  it for inflammation and scarring, which is a good sign!!!

Could you explain quickly the club FRA 4?

It is an association that tries to gather my fans!! today there are social networks, but this is virtual, the idea is to meet at least once a year (possibly through my new website coming soon: In 2015 they came to see me in a European Cup, we rented a boat and they were the commentators of my former training partner of London (Pauline Perrin) or my brother … This year after the Olympic Games will be a good time to get together (navigation and night)…

Finally it is summer!! What advice would you can give to a beginner who wants to get into windsurfing?

To practice safely and it’s really important to do it in an appropriate entity: the French windsurfing schools are there for it! they allow you to have a the right advice and be secure (there are lakes with many streams) “