Paraplegia and Tecartherapy

Recovery with WINBACK Tecartherapy

The Winback Medical team has developed a revolutionary technology that can really help in many difficult to treat pathologies. Winback therapy aims to provide the patient with faster recovery with real long-term results and pain reduction in conditions such as Fibromyalgia.

We regularly receive direct patient feedback on the use of our technology.

The testimony below is particularly interesting…


WINBACK Tecartherapy in Paraplegia

Treatment Protocol using WINBACK 3S.

Manipulation (Llymphatic Drainage):
– CET  30 to 40% Dynamic mode
– Continous RET 30 % to 40 %
– Return plate is positioned in the lumbar region
– Treatment concludes in RET MODE 30% abdominal focus

Patient feedback from Mounir.

As part of this testimony, Mounir writes to his Physio via email to give him some feedback on his first WINBACK sessions:


You used the WINBACK Tecartherapy yesterday on me for the second time.

I am really surprised by the results especially in the 48 hours following the session.

At the first test session, you worked right on my abdomen and my left leg. When I got home, my left leg, with which I have difficulty climbing the stairs really felt much better in terms of my ability to manage the stairs.

At the second session, you treated both of my legs and my abdominals.

For the first time in 3 and a half years of rehabilitation I feel mobile again.

Thank you




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