Patients and Professionals Testimonials

 Testimony of Catherine, doctor: “I started rehabilitation sessions very soon after the removal of the left breast (J+10)
and of several lymphatic ganglions.’ The treatment with the WinBack has brought me such relief; it has allowed me to rediscover a total mobility of the shoulder and a freedom of the lymphatic cords, which were the origin of my pain and of a sense of heaviness in the upper left limb. The treatment is very agreeable, is twice a week and is a great help.”


 Testimony of Marie France, doctor: “After the appearance of a lymphocele at the level of the scarring of the removal of my right breast resulted in a poor reworking of the scarring, they have prescribed me rehabilitation sessions by way of scarring treatment to prepare for the reconstruction. A reconstruction in several stages with a liposculpture associated with the application of the prosthesis. The liposculpture was traumatic, with extensive bruising. I received drainages with the WinBack far from the bruising, which has resulted in their disappearance. It’s great because I couldn’t find any other positions in which to sleep.”


 Professional testimonial. Fabienne Malige.

Physiotherapist expert in postoperative treatment of breast cancer 

Post operation treatment of breast cancer, with the BACK 3SE in association with the manual techniques and a mechanic touch roll.

According to the different levels of treatment, the protocol will be progressive. Initially, the work is carried out in the recuperation of the movement of the shoulder joint, which is fundamental for the following medical treatment such as radiotherapy:

  • Combats pain
  • Work on scar tissue
  • Freedom of the axillary cords or superficial lymphatic thrombosis
  • And above all lymphatic complications with a stimulation of the lymphatic ganglions in CET mode with a small electrode in light therm.
  • Then passing in mode MIX3 light therm over the painful and fibrosis areas.

Secondly, the treatment consists of the preparation of reconstruction, with an important work of relaxing of the skin from scarring. The Back 3SE is a great help. Work upon the lymphoids, if present and followed in the same way as the first step.

Thirdly, the treatment is adapted to different reconstruction techniques :

  • Dorsal flap
  • Growth chamber before the application of prosthesis
  • Liposculpture with an abdominal liposuction and/or of the pants of the flabby thighs.
  • Our work will consist in drainage of the reabsorption of bruising and of scarring work using the DLM according to the Schiltz method and usage of the Back 3SE with the MIX, which allows the improvement of circulatory state, favouring the reabsorption of bruises surrounding the area of scarring.
  • The management of affected patients is done over an extended period of one to two years with a net improvement and a gain of time in our treatments thanks to the Back 3SE where the usage of the MIX is essential.

Fabienne Malige, an invested physiotherapist

Fabienne is active on all fronts. Dynamic and committed to 200% in his work, Fabienne has also invested herself in the rescue mission in Nepal after the devastating earth quake in the month of April to assist the population and physiotherapists . A big thank you to Fabienne for his testimony and his involvement in the breast after cancer treatment .


A session in a Winback Expert Center


Think about breast cancer awareness… PINK OCTOBER



A post-operative treatment for breast cancer has been developed to provide a physiological and aesthetic solution to victims, providing relief from lymphedema symptoms. Stretching and drainage exercises for the arms and shoulders, done during WINBACK Tecar therapy sessions, significantly relieves pain from lymphedema. A manual lymphatic drainage treatment is then performed to stimulate lymph circulation.

With this treatment, Winback is personally invested in supporting women who are victims of breast cancer. The goal of this treatment is to offer women both physiological and aesthetic treatment to relieve their pain and regain self-confidence.

The Winback Beauty Program offers a variety of treatments performed by health professionals, combining aesthetics with physiology.


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