Thanks to the rapid treatment it offers, diathermy* using TECAR current improves and accelerates healing, while providing an anti-inflammatory effect. R-SHOCK has been designed to integrate perfectly into a sports physiotherapist’s daily practice. Physios occupy a vital role alongside athletes, whose bodies are the tools of their trade and have to be in optimal condition. As a result, recovery and management of injuries are two of the most important aspects of their daily work. And when they are supporting a team in their daily training or during competitions, that can mean giving a lot of treatments.

A weapon against the most common pathologies

In the field of sport, there are certain problems that occur over and over again. For physiotherapists, combining manual treatment with R-SHOCK makes their job easier and means they can work in a way that is more efficient, precise and targeted, not to mention faster. These benefits will help the athlete regain their physical peak faster. Thanks to R-SHOCK, contractures or trigger points will be more comfortable to treat as its thermal effect leads to muscle relaxation.

Because of the repetitive nature of many physical movements, tendinopathies are commonplace among athletes and often have to be managed by specialist practitioners. R-SHOCK is optimized to treat tendinopathies too, whether it’s a tendinosis (with SHOCK mode to fight against fibrosis), a tenosynovitis (with SWAP mode to counter the pain in the acute phase, along with its anti-inflammatory effect which improves tissue quality), or an enthesopathy (with MIX mode, to drain and revascularize).

Finally, R-SHOCK enables you to get to grips with sprains quickly by speeding up drainage and healing, benefits that leads to shorter treatment sessions and a faster return to full activity.

Portable and practical

Because R-SHOCK is small, lightweight (1.2kg) and battery-operated, it can go anywhere. It’s the ultra-mobile device that’s perfect for sports physiotherapists – a job that often involves working remotely. With its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects, along with its impact on fibroses and contractures, R-SHOCK makes it easier for practitioners to get to grips with conditions that used to be complex to treat, particularly outside the consulting room. Now you can provide treatment anywhere – in a hotel, hallway, or even on the bus – improving the level of care you provide to your sporting clients.

*Diathermy uses a high-frequency electric current to stimulate heat generation within body tissues