Muscle pain appearing at rest or during exercise may be a sign of muscle contracture. These tensions indicate an involuntary, painful and prolonged contraction that disrupts the proper functioning of the body and can hinder the performance of certain movements. Various factors can cause contractures; stress, fatigue, prolonged postures, etc…

To treat them, a physiotherapist can be the ideal solution. Initially, it may be interesting to apply heat to the contracted muscles and leave them to rest. The physiotherapist will act on the muscles affected with a massage, allowing the muscle fibers to relax. In order to avoid recurrences, it is important to also focus on the causes of the contracture and to get the person back in motion.

Dynamic pressure therapy as a solution

Pressotherapy is a paramedical care technique that promotes the circulatory systems through a system of sleeves that inflate and deflate around the muscles, exerting pressure on them. Thanks to the pressure exerted, it helps to relax and loosen muscles, relieving pain and contractures. It is also useful to fight against the sensation of heavy legs, improving blood circulation.

GMOVE-SUIT is an active dynamic compression device. Unlike conventional pressotherapy equipment, the GMOVE-SUIT does not block any joint, thus offering the possibility of a natural movement without constraint. Movement being the best remedy to fight contractures, GMOVE-SUIT will be a great ally in the face of this symptom.

Active pressotherapy does not replace the physiotherapist, but can accompany his practice. The massage given by the physiotherapist has a relaxing action on the subcutaneous tissues (muscles, fascias,…), thus facilitating venous return and a better recovery. The effects of the GMOVE-SUIT are similar to those provided by a deep massage, also allowing a tissue action. Combined with the reactivation, it will effectively fight against contractures related to stress and sedentary life.