The story of G.Izzi about tendinopathy



Striving to maintain a link with the patient with tecartherapy :


Many of you tell us of your recovery by using our technique and we are particularly happy to have this link with you! We studied the case of a patient and her pathology particularly common in physiotherapy.

Mrs. G.Izzi told us her experience following a tendinopathy: she went through various specialists to end with a tecartherapy treatment. After an unsuccessful medications prescription, she came to us, and things turned around!

“I had to wait two months to get an appointment with a rheumatologist who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, which didn’t work. Then a month later, I had an x-ray and a scan, waited for the results and went back to her again a month later. She made me a first infiltration which relieved me a little, and a second one without any effects (unfortunately) a month later. Then she me prescribed physiotherapy sessions… FINALLY…

The physiotherapist offered me a treatment using his new technique: Winback’s tecartherapy. The feeling was immediate during the session, it doesn’t shoot any more, I have clearly less pain and it lasts. So I think if I continue with this therapy, I could finally have a release, while feeling a lot of comfort!” – Giovanna Izzi

And she’s right! One session may be enough to ease the pain. Winback recommends between 3 and 5 sessions to regain complete range of motion. During the session, the patient is accompanied in exercises of relaxation and toning. Being cared allows the patient to quickly find an adapted physical and sporting activity. He becomes a main actor in his physical recovery without any pain!


Where does tendinopathy come from and what is its link with Winback?


The traditional origins of tendinopathy are repetitive movements, injury or excessively intense movements that strain the tendon. This type of tendinopathy is also common with manual workers or the elders who are under high risk of microtrauma and tendon inflammation. It causes severe pain when moving; it is appropriate to act on the situation so it doesn’t get any worse.

Winback is especially indicated in this type of treatment (see why by clicking the link !) because of its immediate analgesic effect of prolonged duration. The interest of this one provoked by Winback, beyond obviously the well-being of the patient, is to break the vicious circle of the inflammation. By making it disappear in depth thanks to its revascularization, Winback restores patients in only a few sessions.

By mobilizing a painless muscle, movement can be resumed and rehabilitation is optimal. The dynamism and the link between therapist and patient are keys for a quick recovery! By communicating well and defining precisely your objectives  you get to achieve them!


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