The fascia is a fibrous connective membrane formed by the union of the covering fascias of the superficial muscles of the same segment of the body and which separates the tegumentary plans from the deep plans. These fascias are connected and support many structures of the human body (muscles, tendons, joints, organs, …). It is a tissue that is still relatively unknown, but which is actually involved in many pathologies. In order to meet the needs of all therapists, Winback developed a few years ago the Fascia connected pack.

Fractalized energy for targeted collagenesis

This connected pack can now also be used with R-SHOCK, Winback’s latest device, again with the aim of boosting the efficiency of fascia treatment. This association allows to accelerate the temperature rise and thus the collagen synthesis. In addition, the vascularizing effect is greater because it is deeper. The use of the IASTM makes it possible to get a mechanical effect that is not obtainable with the fractal handle. Thanks to the R-SHOCK properties, the use of this accessory is less painful for the patient, because the tissue relaxes more quickly and the practitioner doesn’t need to use force.

Thanks to its fractalized diffusion, TECAR energy provides targeted collagenesis and revascularization which, combined with the mechanical properties of the IASTM, allows optimum manual work on fibrotic soft tissue. The mechanical action, combined with diathermy and biological properties, gives the possibility of breaking down adhesions and restoring elasticity quickly. For example, blading with the Fascia tool can be done to restore sliding plans.

R-SHOCK and fascia, for a perfect synergy

The use of the R-SHOCK device gives a new dimension to the effects of the fascia tool. Indeed, using the fractal handle before a Fascia treatment will increase the efficiency on biological tissues and will facilitate the fascia restructuring. If R-SHOCK has a very specific use, the topographic characteristics of the IASTM allow a wider action, creating a perfect synergy between the accessories, and allow targeting tissue depths even more precisely. For instance, the focal tecar makes possible to target the trigger points in order to get an immediate muscular relaxation. Treatment with the IASTM will enable to work on the muscular envelope, breaking the chronic loop of muscle contracture and retraction of its fascial envelope.