The fascia is a fibrous membrane made up of the connective tissue that covers the superficial muscles and separates the integumentary planes from the deep tissue planes. Different parts of the fascia are connected and support numerous structures within the body, including muscles, tendons, joints and organs. Despite playing a key role in numerous pathologies, the role of the fascia is poorly understood. To meet the need of therapists working in a wide range of fields, Winback has developed the Fascia Tool.

The Fascia Tool plus R-SHOCK – a winning combination

The Fascia Tool has been designed to work optimally with R-SHOCK, the latest piece of equipment from Winback. Together they make fascia treatments more efficient. The combination provides a faster increase in temperature, leading to faster collagen synthesis. In addition, the vascularization effect has even more impact because it’s deeper. And using the Fascia Tool means you can achieve an additional mechanical effect which isn’t possible with tecartherapy alone. R-SHOCK also makes the Fascia Tool more comfortable for patients because it helps the tissues to relax more quickly, so the area can be treated without applying so much pressure.

Thanks to its diffuse action, TECAR energy provides targeted revascularization and collagenesis, which combined with the mechanical properties of the Fascia Tool means manual techniques can be carried out optimally on fibrous soft tissues. The mechanical action, combined with the diathermic and biological effects, means practitioners can remove adhesions and restore tissue elasticity in record time. For example, carrying out a ‘blading’ with the Fascia Tool will enable you to restore movement between the sliding tissue planes.

A perfect synergy

R-SHOCK adds a new dimension to the effectiveness of the Fascia Tool. In fact, combining the two when providing fascia treatment enhances the effect on the tissues and speeds up the reconstruction of the fascia. R-SHOCK has its own specific uses, but the topographic features of the Fascia Tool widen its range further, creating a perfect synergy between the two and meaning that deep tissues can be targeted even more precisely. For example, the highly focused tecartherapy offered by R-SHOCK means trigger points can be targeted, leading to immediate muscle relaxation. At the same time, treatment with the Fascia Tool enables therapists to act on the muscular envelope, breaking the chronic loop of muscular contraction plus retraction of the fascial envelope.

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