Which Athlete’s haven’t had to manage tendonitis at some point in their career? The tendon is a fibrous structure that connects the muscle to the bone. Intensive and repetitive overuse is a major factor in tendinitis.

According to Professor Rodineau, tendinitis doesn’t exist and it would be better to classify these pains under the heading “tendinopathies” (pathologies of the tendon), which includes tenosynovitis, enthesitis, tendinosis, myo-tendinitis, calcifying tendinopathies

Diagnosis, through clinical examination and imaging, is important in determining the best treatment approach. Tendinopathies are also of multi-factorial, so the treatment pathway needs to take into account other underlying conditions.

Edouard Hervé, Sports Osteopath explains further…

Conventional treatments include: frosting, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections, and in the final phase a complete break from activity.

It’s the intense mechanical load that causes production of the fundamental chemicals by the tenocytes. The fibers would then move away from each other, which would modify the architecture of the tendon in the long run. These exercises enable, if done carefully, a restructuring of the tendon tissue.

Injections of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) have good results according studies published in “The American Journal of Sports Medicine”

Physiotherapy is required with deep transverse massage, K-taping, shock waves, eccentric work on isokinetic apparatus and cycling. WinBack has very good results. See the article: http://www.winback.com/en/treatment-tendinopathy-tendinitis-with-winback/

Tip: In the treatment phase of Achilles tendinopathy, wearing a“Sorbothane” heel support  relieves pressure on the tendon.

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