Winback, one brand, two universes: Therapy and Care

Performance is our driving force, difference is our motto.

Praised by physiotherapists as well as by world’s greatest athletes, Winback tecartherapy provides multiple uses. Winback falls into two big ranges: Winback Therapy is the brand’s medical component dedicated to physical rehabilitation and sport physiotherapy while Winback Care encompasses all the beauty, wellness and fitness care for women and men.





Winback Physio: in pursuit of therapeutic excellence

Winback Physio eliminates the pain, releases tensions and speeds up the healing with immediate results from the very first treatment. The Winback energy halves the length and doubles the efficacy of your physiotherapy sessions so as to provide your patients with a significantly faster physical rehabilitation.

100% safe to use, Winback tecartherapy offers instant painkilling effects for more than 48 hours, enables a better recovery of soft and fibrous tissues and eases acute and chronic conditions. Pain is immediately and lastingly alleviated.

The Winback energy will reinforce your manual dexterity since it can be used with any of the following techniques: manual therapy, structural therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, vertebral techniques, visceral manipulation, fascia therapy, Chinese medicine, cupping therapy, bone setting, picking, scar massage, manual lymphatic drainage, posturology, acupuncture, trigger point massage, Mézières method, muscular chain therapy.

Thanks to the Winback energy’s benefits, physiotherapists are able to pursue their occupation in the most efficient and ergonomic way possible, all the while keeping their hands totally free and their sessions extremely comfortable and pleasant for their patients. Tecartherapy can be implemented for all chronic and acute pathologies. Within less than 4 years, more than 3 000 physical rehabilitation centres from over 25 countries have been equipped with Winback devices.

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Winback physio treatment
Winback sport treatment

Winback Sport: ensuring the winning return to competition

Winback Sport allows athletes to come back to competition as quickly as possible after an injury and to resume their winning streak. This technology provides emergency care for acute musculoskeletal injuries and enhances high-level athletic feats. Associated with immediate care, the Winback energy lowers the degree of trauma.

It provides athletes with a faster and more effective return to physical activity by keeping their unavailability time to a minimum. In the pre-operative phase, tecartherapy reduces effusions and oedemas in order to make surgical procedure easier. In the post-operative phase, therapeutic complications are diminished.

After a competition, a deep massage with the Winback energy effectively relaxes muscles which have been strained by intensive effort. These stimulating yet relaxing motions restore the bio-mechanical structure faster so that muscles regain their tone.

The elite of sports praises Winback’s therapeutic virtues. In 2011, still unbeaten heavyweight mixed martial artist Cheick Kongo healed from a back pain that could have put an end to his career had not he been treated with tecartherapy. More than 100 sports teams and federations all around the world resort to Winback technology.

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Winback Woman: helping women all life long

Female patients are prone to many changes affecting their life: here is why Winback Woman takes care of them at any moment in their life. When facing menopause, women suffer from joint and muscle pain. Due to this new hormonal balance, this hitherto bearable pain no longer is as it becomes much stronger. Additionally, some women develop fibromyalgia, a disease whose main symptom is muscle pain.

Using the Winback energy, therapists help patients improve their daily life and heal. Winback aims at pushing the body’s boundaries by enhancing muscle stretchability. It provides them with a unique feeling of lightness and an instant reassurance. Pain completely fades away after a few sessions to give women outstanding suppleness.

Tecartherapy also increases physical rehabilitation efficacy after breast surgery to provide unparalleled treatment comfort. Winback is of great use to nurture upper limb’s mobility after axillary curettage, to find back one’s tissue suppleness before breast reconstruction, to eliminate adherences after a prosthesis reconstruction or a latissimus dorsi reconstruction or to reduce breastfeeding problems. The use of Winback also enables to prevent lymphoedema or to avoid it getting worse. This technology has won over more than 90% of women.

Winback woman treatment
Winback intimity treatment

Winback Intimity: improving women’s intimate comfort

Winback Intimity is significantly efficient for easing pelvic pain. It perfectly caters to every woman’s needs. As post-partum care, Winback technology is the perfect aid for pelvoperineal rehabilitation thanks to its benefits on scars and muscle tone. During each session, one can notice a decrease in volume of the vulval oedema.

The Winback energy improves life after delivery as well as women’s sexual life quality by restoring vaginal trophicity. Winback also enables to minimise any risk of perineal pain preventing young mothers to fully enjoy their new role. It is the solution most suited for quick post-partum care. Winback Intimity also tackles urinary and sexual problems.

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Winback Beauty: reinventing beauty

Sublimate the shape to emphasize substance. Such is Winback Beauty’s motto, envisioning beauty and well-being from a scientific standpoint to meet the physio-aesthetic needs of your increasingly demanding patients. Thanks to its stimulating and draining action, tecartherapy provides real benefits as far as beauty and thinness are concerned. By acting at the heart of the skin’s ecosystem, the Winback energy has a unique anti-aging effect that speeds up collagen synthesis.

The Bioback regenerating action is a real rejuvenating experience for the skin: it tones down wrinkles to give your patients a plumped skin with a natural radiance, as if it was brand new. As for the Thermoback stimulating action, it activates metabolism and optimises the release of fatty deposits and toxins to offer them an ideal shape. Winback Beauty brings back nature and science together to create a one-of-a-kind beauty experience!

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Winback wellness treatment

Winback Wellness: find back your vitality

Winback recruits energies essential to your well-being. The Winback energy enables a deep detox and restores the body’s balances. The healthcare practitioner is thus able to provide a wide range of regenerating and rebalancing treatments that will allow you to find back all of your body’s natural motions without feeling any tension.

MotionFit: your fitness partner

MotionFit is ideal for people looking to resume their physical activity without the fear of a pain outbreak, most notably for those suffering from fibromyalgia. The Winback energy enables them to keep pain to a minimum during and after workout, including Pilates motions and muscular chain stretching exercises. This technology allows every Winback practitioner to provide their patients with physical exercises, regardless of their age, fitness training level or posturing, all the while giving them back their confidence.

MotionFit can be used at various temperatures, each of which presents distinct benefits for the patient. Athermy fights back muscle fatigue by stimulating chimioreceptors. It regulates inflammation and pain and improves motions. Soft diathermy enhances muscle elasticity thanks to muscle fibre vascularisation. It can be used either for passive or active stretching. Last but not least, hard diathermy enables to release tissular and visceral tensions by massaging.

Winback motion fit treatment