Tendinopathy: why treat your patients with Winback?

Tendinopathy is definitely the worst nightmare of sports medicine physicians, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and some other practitioners. And for a reason: there is simply no way to treat it in a completely safe and efficient manner. But, by the way, how do we define tendinopathy?

Several types of tendinopathy

First of all, we need to stop ill-advisedly talking about tendinitis. Due to its -itis suffix, tendinitis is used to refer to an inflammation. Hence the long widespread (and still persistent) following preconceived idea: tendinopathies would be necessarily caused by an inflammation. Such a misunderstanding has long led therapists to do injections, freeze or use anti-inflammatory creams on the area to be treated without obtaining any results.

Yet all the tendon aches are not the same. Here is why it is preferable to talk about tendinopathy. The latter of which can take vastly different forms: enthesitis, paratenonitis, tendinosis etc. Thus, according to the pain’s location and cause, one will have to follow a treatment properly adapted to the appropriate type of tendinopathy. And the sooner the better.

An oft-neglected pathology

It’s a fact: patients suffering from tendinopathy have an unfortunate tendency to wait until the last moment before consulting a practitioner. Since tendon aches are not too painful in the first weeks, they wait until they feel a constant pain before entering a therapist’s office. What’s more, sometimes they are even unable to tell them when their symptoms first occurred. Alas, the later the therapist’s management, the longer the treatment.

Indeed, the older the pathology is, the more the tissue will have had time to rework itself and the more painful the treatment may be. If the pathology dates back a long time, then there is no other solution than to break fascial adhesions in order to “shove” the tissue and force it to react.

The added value of Winback

Winback tecartherapy brings solutions to therapists so they can treat every type of tendinopathy. Winback enables to help the body to heal and fix what is fixable.

N.B.: this technology does not enable to treat severe tendon fissures, for which the body will not be able to fill in the space (as in a fracture where bones are too far from each other).

Solutions according to the pathology’s location

What is it? An involvement of the sites where tendons insert into the bone due to a lack of perfusion. Example: golfer’s elbow.
Which symptoms? Pain on palpation and contraction.
Which treatment? Combine Winback with Fascia Skills (IASTM) or cupping glasses.

What is it? An involvement of structures around tendon (sheath, synovial bursa). Example: tibialis posterior tendon tenosynovitis.
Which symptoms? Pain at stretching (increased by the narrowing of the sheath) and on palpation, not on contraction.
Which treatment? Use Winback for athermy and cooling down and/or Winshock for anti-inflammatory action.

What is it? A degeneration of the connective tissue in and around the tendon often linked to nodules (collagen, type III). Example: Achilles tendon.
Which symptoms? Very sharp pain at stretching and on contraction, much less so on palpation.
Which treatment? Combine Winback in 2.0 mode (hands free) with Fascia Skills (IASTM) or K-Taping adhesive strips.

Solutions according to the pathology’s stage

Depending on the pathology’s stage, the treatment will not be the same.
Acute tendinopathy: use Winshock to soothe inflammation
Subacute tendinopathy: use Winback modes from 1.0 to 5.0
Chronic tendinopathy: use Winback combined with Fascia Skills (IASTM)

Also for athletes

Some athletes suffer from tendinopathy continuously until the end of their career since they never can stop long enough to heal it. Winback tecartherapy technology provides them with a valuable help.

Before physical effort, the use of Winback enables to warm up the athlete’s tendon so they can do their sport without experiencing any pain at the beginning of the game. This will spare them the need for following a specific warm-up and will enable them to save a significant amount of time.

Right after physical effort, the use of Winshock enables to decrease the inflammation generated by the effort so as not to make the pathology worse.

Forthcoming events

You wish to learn more on how to treat your patients suffering from tendinopathy with Winback and have a talk with our experts? Don’t miss out on our next events!

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