Treatment of tendinitis with Winback


Definition of tendinitis

Tendinitis, or tendinopathy, is a painful ailment of the tendon. Tendinitis corresponds to a specific histopathology that involves an inflammatory mechanism. Today the term “tendinitis” is inaccurately used to describe any tendinopathy (painful tendons), but tendinopathy actually comprises:
– Tendinitis: inflammation, enthesopathy
– Tendinosis: is a state of chronic degeneration without inflammation.
– Peritendonitis or tenosynovitis: inflammation, which affects the synovial sheath, hypervascularization of the tendon sheath and fibrous exudate.

Clinical tests are necessary to differentiate the 3 types of “tendinopathy” and therefore provide an appropriate treatment.

Tennis Elbow example

Tendinopathy of an upper limb is one of the more frequent forms. It is due to inflammation in the tendons of the arm. It can affect the tendons of the biceps brachii, coraco-brachial, brachial or brachial triceps muscles. The most common form involves the biceps brachii muscle. This one is localized at the anterior surface of the upper arm. The pain felt is located on the higher part of the arm near the shoulder. The well-known “Tennis Elbow” is a type of tendonitis in the elbow that is very common in tennis players.

Winback’s involvement in the treatment of Tendinopathy

Winback Session

WINBACK places all of its interest in the treatment of tendinopathy when its pain is very intense. Moreover, the Winback treatment can be adapted for acute as well as chronic inflammation. A treatment with WINBACK energy provides instantaneous soothing of pain. Therefore, the therapist will be able to find instantaneous mobility and vascularization. WINBACK treatment is targeted, painless, and allows for rapid rehabilitation for an accelerated return to exertion. Finally, Winback energy incorporates other manual (for example deep transverse massage), active (surrounding) or physiotherapy (low-frequency) techniques.

Recommended treatment

Just one session can be enough to alleviate the pain of tendinopathy. WINBACK recommends between 3 and 5 sessions to regain complete mobility. During the session, the patient is assisted with stretching and toning exercises. This responsibility allows the patient to quickly return to physical and athletic activities. The patient then becomes an actor in their physical health without pain.

The therapist’s point of view

“During the first session, I target my actions to eliminate tensions such as inflammation, the contractures or fibroses that are the consequences of tendinopathy. When these tensions are eliminated, the movement is released and the patient regains their mobility. Next comes targeted action to reduce the inflammation and then restarting the process of healing the damage.

The time that is saved also allows a global approach by releasing more remote tensions such as those in the spine, if the origin is neurological.

The other sessions will be devoted to healing and then strengthening the muscle structure next to the joint.

For this type of pathology, I prefer the Tecar 3.0 configuration of Winback energy which lets me find the best way to target my actions.”

Loic Dechaine, Kinesthesiologist for the Antibes Sharks basketball team


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