Cryoback is a device combining cryolipolysis and fat burning by plates coupled with electrostimulation. The cold generated by the pads induces a deprogramming of the fat cells. The electrostimulation induces a sheathing and protective effect of the underlying tissues, and accompanies the reduction of the fat volume. Applied directly to the skin, the Cryoback treatment is completely painless and non-invasive.

Stéphanie Lenfant is a well-being and nutrition coach at the Cap Forme center in Paris. Equipped with Cryoback for several years, she gives us her opinion about this technology.

A more complete offer

The device allows her to bring a more complete offer to her clients. Stéphanie acts on weight thanks to a food rebalancing that she advises, as well as on the silhouette, thanks to the use of devices such as Cryoback. “Thanks to the 8 pads, we can treat several areas at the same time, for example, the stomach and thighs. This makes it easier for the customer to organize her schedule, with one appointment per week”. For Stéphanie, there is no doubt that the device is more ergonomic and more efficient than its previous version. “The pads on the Cryo4 are larger than those on the Cryo3, which allows me to treat larger areas and increase efficiency. In addition, the electrostimulation integrated into the pads is a real time-saver”.

Very convincing results

Fat cells are sensitive to cold. Exposed to a temperature below 5°C, they are gradually destroyed, leading to a significant decrease in fat volume, resulting in a loss of centimeters, which is the result expected by clients.

“My clients are delighted with the results. Recently, I started a treatment session for a young woman with fatty liver. After rebalancing her diet, we switched to Cryoback sessions alternating cryolipolysis and fatburning every week. Before the sessions, her measurements were 125cm hip circumference. After 3 sessions, it was 117.5cm. Her thighs lost 5 cm and her buttocks, 7 cm. These are very convincing results!”