The patient perspective : Thanks to Winback tecartherapy, Mrs.Frelon’s scar is now barely noticeable

Mrs. Frelon, a patient of Michael Stassin’s, from Frameries in Belgium, shares her experience with Winback Tecartherapy. During this procedure, this patient was treated using the Tecar Winback 6.0, the Mix 3 and the physioblade.


“At the end of August 2018, my left hand was crushed at the junction between my thumb and my index finger (the claw) between a steel chain and a steel post and had to be stitched up in an emergency. When all 36 stitches were finally removed, my left hand was all stiff, contracted and distorted. Thanks to Winback Tecartherapy’s revolutionary technique, I quickly regained mobility and recovered the extent to which I can stretch my hand open between my thumb and index finger. However, the scar was showing signs of healing poorly. The adhesions which prevented the full recovery of my hand had to be managed better.

Again, thanks to the comprehensive WINBACK System approach the swelling along the scar gradually faded and my hand regained its full flexibility. Today, hardly anything is showing. The scar’s rigid appearance is nonexistent, so to speak.


I’d like to thank Michael for his help in my recovery as I was losing faith that it could be improved. It took time, however the results that have been achieved are very pleasing: my hand, looks as it did before the accident, is again supple, agile and the scar is  barely visible.”


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