The Groupama-FDJ team adopted Winshock

The Groupama-FDJ team adopted Winshock because of its capacity to generate heat and cold but also because of its mobility. Particularly well suited to the world of sports, Winshock is The “must have” item of equipment. Numerous athletes in various sporting disciplines have added it to their equipment. That is the case, for instance, of the Groupama-FDJ cycling team, which is part of the oldest and best-known training club of the world peloton. “Using ice to treat an inflammation is essential in traumatology as well as for recovery purposes.  What’s more, the mobility inherent to our sport makes the ice treatment difficult to use. But Winshock answered all of our team’s expectations in this field. At the time of the Catalogna Tour, our leader Thibaut Pinot (the 3 big Tours stage race winner, who came 3rd in the 2014 Tour de France, and won the 2018 Lombardie Tour…) was treated using this new technology in order to maximise his recovery when facing the extreme demands of  the mountain stages” explains Samuel Roces, the team’s physiotherapist.

Used in post-effort recovery, Winshock also provides conclusive results for the Groupama-FDJ team in treatments resulting from falls, as was the case only a few days ago on the Italian Tour.  “A few days ago, our racer Olivier Le Gac (the 2010 junior world champion) fell heavily in the final of the third Giro stage. Treating the various bruises with Winshock allowed him to get back on the saddle the following day without hardly any pain to his utmost surprise and thus our great satisfaction” he points out. Much more than the theory, it is indeed using it daily that Winshock won the Groupama-FDJ physiotherapist round. “I am used to saying that only on the practice ground can new techniques be truly appraised. Winshock has become a vital piece of equipment to meet the demands of high level sports”, concludes Samuel Roces.