You don’t know it? WINBACK energy, 100% natural and non-invasive, is a high frequency current oscillating between 300 KHz and 1 MHz. This frequency range makes possible to target different tissue layers and to reach deep pathologies considered as untouchable. Winback offers a range of solutions adapted to all physiotherapists’ practices to offer them unequalled handling, comfort and freedom of action.

New more intuitive interface & color screen

In constant evolution, Winback is modernizing and simplifying its interface to make all the available functionalities even more accessible. The Back 3 Color model is the latest addition to the range of WINBACK tecartherapy. The new interface, now in color, has been redesigned to become more intuitive and allows a better understanding in order to fully use all modes. Its color screen offers a better readability and a greater comfort of navigation to the practitioner.

It can be equipped with the 5 types of Winback tecartherapy (from 1.0 to 5.0), to which it is possible to add accessories such as the flex pack, the fascia pack or the uro pack. It is very practical, with its accessory holder and mobile cart (Medical CE certified) that allows it to be moved easily between staff members. It is also upgradable for future innovations. You can now also save your protocols in the machine, which will save you time.

A wide range of possible treatments

More generally, the various applications of tecartherapy through the modes proposed by the Back3 Color can be summarized according to the table below:

In this new version of the Back, a brand new mode, called PULSE, makes its appearance. It will provide a targeted relaxing effect at different levels. The ability to choose between its frequency (2 or 4Hz, formerly Lowbeat and Superbeat), allows more precise muscle targeting to relax contractures. The frequency at 2Hz will be used to work on deep muscles, and the frequency at 4Hz on superficial muscles).

The 2Hz PULSE mode coupled with TECAR energy activates nervous fibers to generate elementary muscle twitches. This dual effect accelerates the release of tension (contractures, fibrosis) and stimulates circulation (vascularization and drainage).

The PULSE mode at 4Hz is twice as fast as the PULSE mode at 2Hz, for treatments on superficial areas.

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