The tale of two champions and a winback

We found both friends Pierre Ambroise Bosse and Jimmy Vicaut behind the scenes of their sports preparation with the Winback energy. The French athletics champions, who know each other since 2011, are followers of Winback technology before and after each training session. The treatment, carried out by Geoffroy Kevorkoff, an osteopath and posturologist specializing in the follow-up of high level athletes, allows to optimize their performance and help recovery.

champions du monde bosse et vicaut avec winback


Pierre-Ambroise Bosse: 800m world champion

Last August in London, the 25-year-old Frenchman won the title of world champion in the 800m. An indisputable victory that surprised everyone with an acceleration 300m from the finish line, leaving his rivals on the floor.

traitement winback sur le champion pierre ambroise bosse

Jimmy Vicaut: 6th world in the 100m

Jimmy Vicaut, who also qualified for the world championship, finished sixth in the 100m. A good performance when we know that 2 months earlier the latter was injured: a muscle tear to the right hamstring having deprived him of competition for 7 weeks.

The benefits of Winback technology are well known, which is why more than 100 sports teams and national federations have already adopted it.



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