As its name suggests, neck pain is a pain of cervical localization. Cervicalgia, most often posterior, are in fact painful contractures of the muscles that support the cephalic end, particularly the trapezius muscles. They can be the consequence of cervical vertebral osteoarthritis.

“Text-neck”, an increasingly widespread disease

Among the causes of neck pain, a new ailment linked to the increasingly intensive use of cell phones has developed in recent years: “text-neck”. This name describes the syndromes as pain in the neck and shoulders, but also headaches and discomfort in the arms.

According to it, the neck muscles are not adapted to support the positions we adopt – head forward, looking down – for hours at a time to send and read text messages, or watch movies on cell phones.  Our head weighs on average between 4.5 and 5.5 kg, and the neck and shoulders have difficulty to support it over an extended period of time, according to specialists. Hence the expression “text neck” to characterize this new disease.

To prevent the health problems associated with this posture from worsening, the specialists advises holding your cell phone at face level, stretching, and above all, multiplying breaks without a cell phone.

Treating cervical pain with Winback Back 3 Color

There is no specific drug treatment for neck pain; painkillers will only rule out the effects without treating the causes. With its analgesic effect, the Back 3 Color can in any case replace them and treat acute pathologies.

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