Winback, medical partner of the French basket Ball Federation

Winback, the expert of Tecartherapy, has been a Medical Partner of the French basket Ball Federation (FFBB) for 4 years. The Basketball magazine interviewed the physiotherapist Pascal Gohier, physiotherapist of the French Women’s Basketball Team on his usage of the Winback Tecartherapy in the sports preparation for the teams.winback et la fob de basketball

What is your professional background in Basketball? 
I am a physiotherapist since 1990 and I have been working for the Federation since 1994. I started with the Federal Center, then the French Cadet Team, then the A boys, and this year, I have just joined the staff of the France A Women’s Team. In parallel, I have a liberal activity in Mont-de-Marsan in the Landes with 80% of athletes including the girls of Basket Landes in Women’s League and the young people of Pôle Espoirs Aquitaine.
How to define tecartherapy in a simple way? 
The term T.E.C.A.R. first of all means CApacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer. This is the way to use electrotherapy with a high frequency current to restore the damaged tissues. The Tecar current works on the permeability of the cellular membrane. The Tecar current, will improve local blood flow and have a very efficient pain relief factor. thus, this will bring us a big plus but without changing our care techniques.
It has become an indispensable tool for a high level sports structure. Also, the feedback of the athletes is really good.
What are the interests for you?  
In our practice of sports medicine, we have different protocols and approaches for different pathologies. For example, with an acute pathology, we will try to drain and make the tissues and peripheral joints concerned come back to normal, but we will include the tecartherapy device in our rehabilitation protocols (muscular strengthening, massage, and so on…).
How to define the Winback company?
Winback is very attentive to therapists feedback. They take into consideration all our comments and innovate to allow us to remain manual therapists.
For example, Winback has developed an exceptional technology that, thanks to a bracer placed directly on the wrist of the therapist like a watch, it is directly the fingers of the therapist who will spread the high frequency current. This is amazing for us because, while continuing to massage, we can feel the evolution of tissues.
From now on, Winback is always alongside French National Teams !

From now on, Winback will not leave the french teams anymore ?

Indeed. the device we have (Back 1S) is transported in a cabin bag and follows us everywhere. During the preparation and competition periods with the French Teams, we use it especially for the muscular contusions with a draining action which is extremely fast, but also for all the chronic pathologies with which the players arrive with their sequels of overtraining for example.

Winback was created in April 2013 and we were the among the first to use their device on an internship of the French Team in Antibes in the summer of 2013! The company now has expanded in the United States and many NBA teams, including San Antonio Spurs who had known the device through us in 2015, are being equipped.

Thanks to Pascal Gohier for this testimonial and to Basketball Magazine for having collected these remarks.