Winback working with Triathletes in Vichy

For the third consecutive year, students from the Vichy Physiotherapy School (IFMK Vichy) and their professor Jean Christophe Nicolas have chosen Winback to support the triathletes of the Iron Man (Vichy, France). On Sunday, August 27th, 1500 athletes will cross the lake of Allier, go through the roads of Auvergne and finish their race in the historic center of Vichy.

This Ironman triathlon event is one of the most challenging in terms of length: With 226 kilometers of swimming, cycling and running. This high-level competition is not to be taken lightly and preparation is KEY.

WINBACK Tecartherapy really helps in the performance of top athletes throughout the world. It increases muscle recovery, helps in preventing injuries, and speeds up healing. Over 90 sports teams and national federations have already adopted it!

Recovery with Winback

In the race, recovery should not be neglected to regenerate muscle mass, quickly eliminate fatigue, and limit the pain. Indeed, the physiological stress experienced during the triathlon tests the muscles and joints of the athletes. They may feel pain several days after the test.

Christophe Nicolas, Physiotherapist, who specializes in sports pathology, and his pupils, will be present on the D-Day to provide recovery treatments, such as manual therapy or massage of the lower limbs, back and the body. The WINBACK energy effectively relaxes the muscles that have been strained by intensive effort and allows for quick recovery after a competition. These stimulating and relaxing gestures quickly restore the biomechanical structure, while restoring muscle tone.

Also present before the start of the race, Jean Christophe Nicolas will be able to help the athletes to optimize their performance. Preparation is important in this type of test because it greatly reduces the risk of injury.

You can read Jean Christophe Nicolas’s testimonial here.

If you are taking part in the race and wish to schedule a treatment with WINBACK Tecartherapy or make an appointment for your next event. Email Jean Christophe NICOLAS at the following address:




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