Winback tecartherapy against iliotibial band syndrome

What is the iliotibial band syndrome ?

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is an injury that generally affects runners and cyclists. It’s a common tendinopathy caused by a repeated conflict during weak flexion-extension movements, between the posterior border of the ilio-tibial band and the external condyle. As a result, there’s an inflammation of the ilio-tibial tract with a typical pain, close to the lateral side of the knee, or at the opposite side of the external condyle. However, the mechanical origin is not systematic, and the origin may be idiopathic or from a primary serious bursa.

How can it be treated with Winback tecartherapy ?

The last Winback accessories (Fascia Skills, Tecar 6 and Flex electrodes) are the most efficient tools in tecartherapy to treat the ITBS quickly. The best method will be to work on fascial adhesions using Fascia Skills on TFL, and then to focus the treatment with the Tecar 6 on the painful area.

If you’re not yet equipped with the latest tools, you will have to use the dynamic CET in hyperthermia with the Thai electrode, in order to break up the adherences on the TFL. Then, it will be necessary to use the RET in 3.0 on the painful area in order to revascularize. However, the action will be less precise than with the specific tools mentioned above. After a biomechanical analysis, the work on the step and/or the work of pelvis stabilization could be done in RET 2.0 with the help of adhesive electrodes (or the new Flex electrodes). Winback tecartherapy will allow an improvement, but to solve it you will have to identify the cause and often rework the running pattern, the step start,…

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