Winback tecartherapy during the reconditioning : a perfect add-on

After an injury, Winback’s tecartherapy technology can complete and increases the efficiency of the exercises proposed by the practioner. In the video below, the patient is in reconditioning stage after a psoas lesion. In addition to the TRX in excentric and in closed kinetic chain, the physiotherapist adds Winback tecartherapy. Here, he’s using the RET 2.0. The reference electrode is placed on the abs, and the RET electrode on the anterior part of the thigh. The program used is RET LOWPULSE, intensity of 30 %.

Why using Winback tecar therapy in this kind of case ?

The aim of this combination is to be even more precise for this kind of work, by enhancing the tendons vascularization and the muscles healing. It’s better to work on those areas in soft temperature, in low pulse around 30%. It also allows a longer effort.

Thanks to Thierry Alfocea, physiotherapist based in Levens (France) for sharing his experience.

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