WINBACK Beauty acts in synergy with your expertise to bring an efficient, fast and long lasting response to conditions that, up to now, have been considered intractable.

Because beauty is not to be taken lightly, WINBACK has developed treatments specifically for your field. Your understanding of the body and the complex interlinking of the tissue, circulatory and neurological systems, make you an expert in treating the body’s imperfections in a way that lasts.

An intuitive and secure handling of the WINBACK opens unequalled perspectives in the scopes of the beauty …

The synergy between the healthcare professionals and the WINBACK innovations bring an effective, fast and long-lasting answer for pathologies previously considered as rebels.

For example, hardened fibrous cellulite, localised fat deposits, abdominal ptosis…


Reduction of all types of cellulite, fatty deposits and water retention. WINBACK’s diathermic and circulatory effect has a direct action on all the storage areas (stomach, hips, thighs) and then evacuates deep-seated imperfections. A reduction in volume reduces the pressure on the hypodermis allowing the orange peel effect to fade. WINBACK is ideal for aiding slimming and deep-seated imperfections.

REMOVE FAT. Example of Physiopathology: Fibrous Cellulite. Analgesic action that remove adhesions with a localized hyperthermia.
Technique: Gentle massage then a focused treatment of kneading with TECAR 3.0 (DUAL MOBILE) to release tensions.

SLIM. Example of Physiopathology: Localized fatty deposits. Cellular activation – Diathermy. Technique: stimulus of the reflexes and lymph nodes. A deep massage with TECAR 1.0 (MOBILE FIX) will speed up fat elimination in the area.





TECAR’s energy regenerates and revitalizes all the skin layers by deep stimulating the body’s natural resources. From the first session, the face will retrieve a stunning natural glow. Regeneration of the skin and exfoliation of imperfections. WINBACK stimulates fibroblasts and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, making it look firmer. Selective heating of tissue encourages the skin to tighten thanks to its action on the collagen. The deep action of the MIX heads concentrates energy in the skin layers.

REVITALISE. Example of Physiopathology: Abdominal ptosis. Cellular activation (visceral and muscular). Manual mobilisation combined with physio exercises or equipment to reinforce muscles. Use the TECAR 2.0 (DUAL FIX)

REGENERATE. Example of Physiopathology: Slack skin. Reactivate the fibroblast and micro capillaries…Use TECAR 4.0 locally with a light body/face massage to reach all the layers of the skin.

Winback presents you some examples of esthetic pathologies which can be treated with its method of revolutionary treatment.


Results as high as your expectations

A professional who is equipped with WINBACK isn’t worried by these physiology pathologies. WINBACK works with your expertise, your working methods, your treatment time, and of course, the client’s physiological profile in order to offer an appropriate answer.

EFFECTIVE. In the field of physiotherapy, Winback has largely proved its effectiveness on complex pathologies.

FAST. The results are visible from the first session and are stabilized between 3 and 5 sessions.

SUSTAINABLE. The desired effect is durable while maintaining a session every month.

COMFORTABLE. A session is completely non-invasive and painless for the patient. Instead, the treatment is extremely pleasant.

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