Winback has been supporting manual therapists for several years in order to optimize their care for their patients. Through the Winback Academy, these practitioners have been able to develop their expertise in many fields, in order to provide the best possible support and to be even more attentive to their patients.

Among all our patients, more than half are women. It is from this observation that the concept of Winback Woman was born, and with it the will to propose a holistic vision of the follow-up of women. The expertise of the manual therapist, linked to that of Winback, makes it possible to follow the Woman in her entirety, as much for the pathologies for which they are referred to their therapist, in orthopedics, rheumatology, traumatology, perineology, senology… as to act on aesthetic problems, stress, return to activity or sports follow-up.

We interact as closely as possible with our patients and during our assessments, discussions and treatments, we can identify postural or tissue disorders with uro-gynecological, vascular or even aesthetic repercussions. Conversely, a reason for an aesthetic visit can allow us to work on a venous or postural disorder… The concept of Winback Woman is therefore to make the link between the different Winback universes (Physio & Sport, Intimacy, Beauty and Wellness), in the service of women’s health.

In this context, we now give you a rendez-vous every Wednesday, with the publication on our blog of an article around a theme dedicated to the world of women.