Thanks to the collaboration of our distributor DJO, Winback becomes an exclusive partner for the Villarreal Football Club, with the medical and physiotherapy team. Winback therapy will provide intensive preparation before matches, maintenance of performance during matches and a fast recovery for players after each match.

WINBACK Tecartherapy optimizes the performance of sportsmen and elite athletes, increases muscle recovery, helps prevent injuries and accelerates healing. More than 90 sports teams and national federations already use it and Villarreal Club are joinging this long list of athletes who implicitly trust WINBACK TECARTHERAPY.

Villarreal CF sought a high technology option to manage the team’s injuries, they chose Winback technology as it meets all the needs of high performance athletes. WINBACK is transportable, practical and constantly produces innovative technology.


The Villarreal Fútbol Club, is a professional soccer club in the Spanish first division and belongs to the Valencian municipality of Villarreal in the province of Castellón.

The Villarreal C.F. was born on March 10, 1923 under the name of Club Deportivo Villarreal, and from June 17, 1923The Estadio de la Cerámica has the capacity to hold 23,500 spectators. The club has more than 19,000 affiliates and the club has the largest number of subscribers in proportion to the inhabitants of its host city. It reached over 20,000 and even retained 12,543 subscribers in the second division.