Winback Woman helps women all life long

Female patients are prone to many changes affecting their life: here is why Winback Woman takes care of them at any moment in their life. When facing menopause, women suffer from joint and muscle pain. Due to this new hormonal balance, this hitherto bearable pain no longer is as it becomes much stronger. Additionally, some women develop fibromyalgia, a disease whose main symptom is muscle pain.

Using the Winback energy, therapists help patients improve their daily life and heal. Winback aims at pushing the body’s boundaries by enhancing muscle stretchability. It provides them with a unique feeling of lightness and an instant reassurance. Pain completely fades away after a few sessions to give women outstanding suppleness.

Tecartherapy also increases physical rehabilitation efficacy after breast surgery to provide unparalleled treatment comfort. Winback is of great use to nurture upper limb’s mobility after axillary curettage, to find back one’s tissue suppleness before breast reconstruction, to eliminate adherences after a prosthesis reconstruction or a latissimus dorsi reconstruction or to reduce breastfeeding problems. The use of Winback also enables to prevent lymphoedema or to avoid it getting worse. This technology has won over more than 90% of women.


Active lady

Active lady

Young mother

Young mother

Pelvic pain
Silhouette issues
Post therapy breast cancer

Post therapy breast cancer

Scar protocol
Shoulder mobilization
Pre & post menopause

Pre & post menopause

Rhizarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the base of the thumb)

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