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3 sports physiotherapists shares with us their Winback experience :

Florent Derail’s expectations:

Florent Derail, sport physiotherapist since 2009 in Saint Etienne is equipped with a Back3S since December 2013. He uses Winback on sportive pathologies, mostly tendinopathies and myo-aponeurotic lesions (check our article on muscle lesions). What charmed him in Winback is that he had the feeling that the expectations of the physiotherapist were taken into account. The equipment is innovative, the treatment swifter, efficient. He uses it very regularly and recommends it strongly to his fellows.

The feedback of the patients is unanimous: they are all very satisfied and the quickness of scarring defies any competition. Uses are legions: associated electrotherapy, hooks, suction pads, in dynamic or manual thérapie….  No doubt for Florent Derail: this is a very polyvalent tool.




To find an account of one of his patients and many other videos,  visit our YouTube channel !

Yann Dubois, whose vision of his own job completely changed with Winback:

Yann Dubois is a physiotherapist since 2009 in the town of Cestas (Gironde 33) so far he has been truly satisfied with his Winback equipment. He has been using a 3S for 3 years now, and has never let it down. Day to day he works with it, principally on body traumatology in two ways, either on table in a manual therapy treating the soft muscle tissue using his hands or in dynamic on a technic set in neuromuscular reprogrammation. The high-tech aspect was one of the main motives for him to buy it, as it really put in wonder the practice of the job they had.

“We had to work differently”

By using his own hands instead of letting the patient in a corner full of electrodes, he gets to keep a relationship with his clients. The results he gets are of high quality; however, the most amazing ones are concerning adhesive capsulitis (check our article on adhesive capsulitis). As a practionner, he would recommend it to everybody who work with sportspersons, he fully appreciate our device !


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Sophie Paris narrates two remarkable recoveries with Winback :

Sophie Paris has been a physiotherapist in Bordeaux for 11 years, practicing especially on sportive traumatology and postural rehabilitation out of other; she evokes the multiplicity of means to use Winback. She adopted it in 2014 and receives with it every single type of sportsperson: dancers, triathletes, runners, marathon runners… They face much pathology, articular, ligamentary, tendinary, or heavy contractures. Winback optimizes the treatment, which is before everything else a time-saving tool in massaging, to relieve a contracture; you don’t need to spend 20 arduous minutes: 10 are enough!

She quotes the example of a runner who prepared her marathon since a year, 5 weeks before; she undergoes a nodular tendonitis of Achilles tendons (check our article on tendonitis). She has been treated 2 to 3 times a week with Winback, adapting her training consequently. In conclusion: she achieved her marathon, and without pain!

Another example, this time a dancer of the Grand Théâtre, touched by a fissural tendonitis of the patellar tendon, and in his situation, no way to stop his tour. Therefore they started a chronic treatment with Winback, and he was able to jump without any apprehension, the scarring operated even with the daily appeals (a professional dancer usually practice intensively about 8 hours a day), the result is back again : he was able to end his season.




Find the testimony of one of her client who retrieved in a spectacular manner the use of his leg on our YouTube channel


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