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«I had a ‪#‎FAI‬ surgery on my right hip. Needless to say it was going to be painful and the recovery is always pretty long. 4 to 6 months.
But this is my story and I hope it will help many others with this condition. First off and unfortunately the average time to diagnose Impingement syndrome is 3 years. People even sometimes get the wrong surgery before finally getting the right one. The pain inflicting to the person is usually pretty bad, but in my case I did not feel it to much due to a high pain threshold. That does not mean that I am tough by any mean, it’s just mean that I don’t feel much till it’s too late then I’ve got to get a surgery where it should have been more simple.»

«My surgeon Dr Meier did a remarkable job with a minimum invasive arthroscopic tools. He’s pretty much the best orthopedic surgeon in the US and one of the very few specialise in FAI. Everything went well in the operating room and I was sent home the same day, in pretty bad, hallucinating shape but those stories my wife had them for you guys.»

December, 28th  2015Gilles-winback1

» Couple weeks ago I found out I had a hip birth defect. Not so awesome knowing that I love to be super active.  Anyway, this operation consisted on cutting down the excess femur bone to stop make it hit the hip and repair the labral due to evident damage. So today is the day of my first hip surgery:) They are telling me 4 to 6 months before full recovery. But this is not an option for me cause , I am working again in 2 in a half weeks. Fortunately one of my greatest friend @kongo4real as this new technology called @WinbackUSA and starting tomorrow I will start this therapy. The goal of this new therapy is to see how much faster my recovery will be.  Let’s do this. I’ll keep everyone posted and see if this machine is as revolutionary as people are saying»



Gilles-winback2December, 30 th 2015

«Warning. This is not a pretty picture of my Leg/Hip all bruise and swollen, 2nd day after surgery and about the get my first @WinbackUSA treatment. What I did have that 99% of people don’t have is the chance to have access to a new theraphy call ‪#winbacktecartherapy‬ and let me tell you it made a world of difference. I started on it the next day «post Op». It’s insane the swelling went down immediately and the pain level crumbled. I was pretty pleased. But yet, I knew I was not allowed to put my foot on the ground or my femur bone could have shattered. So I stayed in bed as long as I could and recup.»















January, 1st 2016

«This is what you do when life kicks you down. Put a smile around it. A huge thanks to @WinbackUSA for cutting down the swelling by 70% in 2 days and the pain down.  Happy 2016  and let’s start fresh and strong.»












January, 5th 2016

Kongo Cheick is finaly back to ‪Los Angeles. He did an amazing @winbackusa session last night. This morning I felt like I never had surgery. Tomorrow I’ll see my surgeon for the 1st time since surgery. I hope I’ll be the first one ever cleared after only 1 week post op.
If you are in pain and want state of the art theraphy contact Winback Usa, you won’t regret it








Gilles-winback5January, 6th 2016

Today on the 6th of January, I finally got my appointment with Dr Meier and let me just say, he was pretty chocked and extremely pleased. I came with a cane and still did not want to put any pressure but after he asked couple questions and test my range of motion he was still very happy so I asked him if I could stop using my crutches. After I showed him that I had no pain at all he told me to be careful but cleared me. So yes, just a week ago I got a pretty good Hip surgery and now I am cleared to walk around. My Doc said that could be a record I take it.
I am absolutely sure the Winback theraphy had a huge roll into that and obviously my surgeon is a stud at what he does. I am so lucky. I was blessed to be surrounded by my family that kept me sain.
I kept reading online different forum and story like mine and normally people use cruches for 4 weeks and the pain and discomfort is much greater than I ever had. So if you have recurring pain like that in your hips maybe you should make sure that you are not been misdiagnosed.



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