Winback – Partners of the Triathlon.

Winback Tecartherapy in the Triathlon World.

The presence of Winback in the world of triathlons is noticed. In addition to the recent partnership signed with the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Winback accompanies the physiotherapists both in the preparatory states as well as recovery.

Winback in support of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

signature-triathlon-espagnol The triathlon is a sport consisting of three consecutive endurance events: swimming, cycling and running. The triathlon appeared in the United States in 1974 and has been developing throughout the world consisting of different distances. The triathlon became an Olympic sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in Australia with distance “M”, or 1,500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of biking, and 10 kilometers of running. It is globally managed by the International Triathlon Federation. Mr. José Hidalgo, the President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, has signed a partnership with Winback, represented by Mrs. Maria Teresa Peret and General Director Deep Tecar, to strengthen its medical staff. On the left, Mrs. Maria Teresa Peret and General Director Deep Tecar. On the right, Mr. José Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

WINBACK tecartherapy reinforces the Spanish triathlon

During triathlon training, energy reserves diminish and the muscular tissues, bones and tendons are damaged. Active rest with WINBACK tecartherapy can greatly reduce recovery time between workouts and thus allows faster recovery. The massages are used to relax the muscles and activate the elimination of waste produced by the body during intense training. The Spanish Triathlon Federation trusts WINBACK with the support and monitoring of its athletes.

Health Magazine report on Iron Man Preparation

WINBACK tecartherapy is used for treatment for IRON MAN to prevent cramps and injuries. The WINBACK energy also helps prevent certain injuries such as muscle tears as emphasized by Serge Krakowiak in the report.

Winback accompanies Jean Christophe Nicolas Through the Vichy Iron Man.

Students from the kinesitherapy school in Vichy (IFMK Vichy), accompanied by their professor, Jean Christophe Nicolas, will be at IRONMAN in Vichy providing care for the preparation and recovery of the race. The triathlon is a particularly difficult sport for athletes. It requires specific preparation for the intense effort. jean-christophe-nicolas-kiné As of August 26th, the WINBACK medical team, composed of physiotherapist Jean Christophe Nicolas (pictured above) and some of his students, will be present, as in the previous edition, in a stand in the village for course partners. The WINBACK tecartherapy will be used for traditional treatments such as massages for the back, legs, and entire body, as well as more technical care to prepare the athletes before the race.

Winback Energy in the Triathlon Universe

WINBACK tecartherapy perfectly meets the needs of triathletes for preparation efforts and recovery. As we mentioned in a previous article, the WINBACK energy team is today part of the Spanish Triathlon Federation. WINBACK tecartherapy greatly reduces recovery time between training sessions and thus promotes faster progress. To fully prepare for the highest level of demand is a priority for all triathletes. The preparation involves intensive training, but also a very precise physical preparation. With Winback technology, the physiotherapists establish a customized program based on sport objectives and future competitions. It also prepares the body for intense effort based on the needs of the athlete. You also want to equip yourself with our technology ?


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